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Earlier this year I wanted to see if I could earn money with Lead Generation and Video Marketing. I work as an editor/graphic artist for a video production company and one of our markets is weddings. The boss hasn't really been pursuing this market aggressively and it's been in decline for us as a lot of photographers are now shooting weddings on their DSLRs.

Here's what I did. As it was after wedding season, I set all of this up to prepare for next year.

I made a deal with my boss for 20% of any deals he closed from my site. He would shoot and edit them.

I made a quick wedding website using elegant themes. Honestly I didn't do any SEO for site at all. I made the header graphic the phone number linked to a google voice account and linked that to my cell phone at first. I then needed a a separate google voice to go to my phone so I put a voice mail message for them to leave their contact info and the date/location of their wedding.

The content of the site consisted of 4 articles I wrote about choosing a wedding videographer and things the customers should ask and look for.

I made three youtube videos to cover the major key words. These were quick and dirty, two were just 30 second promos. One was a a teaser of my main article with a link to read the full report on the site. I did basic video SEO and the videos ranked.

Then I basically forgot about it. Over the last 3 months I have gotten 2-3 calls a month and my boss closed $4000 in services.

I checked my google analytics and I see my site and my article has been steadily picking up traffic. My videos are on the first page of google.

I reported on my first lead generated here

The problem was, he wasn't closing the leads. I made sure to follow up with him about the leads and to help arrange the appointments.

I'm pretty excited because I did all of this in the space of a week and months later earned $800 in commission.

For the wedding season next year I plan to really push this. I'll be running commercials on television, visiting wedding conventions and making JV deals with various wedding companies. I also talked my boss into upping his rate and I have found a back up videographer for the jobs my boss can't handle.

I gave it a try just to prove it can work. Now that I know I can earn money this way, I plan on pushing it to the limit for next year's wedding season.

Please don't ask for links as I won't be posting my site. You can take my word for it or leave it. Either way, as a poor bloke who is scraping by month to month, I'll keep trying to generate income this way.
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