Cold called to try sell a simple magnet ad, have appt. to sell lead gen with adwords!

by AmyKay
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It pays to ask questions when you get an owner on the phone!

Short case study of my cold call today...

Some of you know I've been selling little ad spots on a magnet program for some quick easy cash. Nothing fancy, $97 for a spot on 1,000 magnets in a smallish town.

So I cold called the owner of a construction company. Gave my 30 second pitch. He politely said, "No thanks. I'm not interested right now." Okay, I hear that a lot, BUT...

I decided to be brave and asked, "Can I ask you why not? Is the price to high? Do you not like the idea? Do you mind telling me what I could do better?"

That led to a brief discussion about how the price and idea are fine, it's just that he gets hit up all the time for advertising. (Just programmed himself to say no.)

So... I politely asked him, "Could I please add your email to my newsletter list? I actually specialize in online marketing, and you should browse my magazine now and then. It will give you good ideas on getting leads."

Of course, he said yes. (I ask everyone to get my newsletter, by the way. Only one person out of hundreds of cold calls has said no.)

Then he said, "Oh, that's good, because I was just thinking about starting to buy ads from Service Magic again."

The rest is history. We talked shop for half an hour, and set an appointment for next week. He's impressed with my lead gen system, and I think I have a good shot at closing him for managing his Adwords campaign for 20% of his spend. Good?

I'm thrilled! That little "no" could turn into something WAY better!

Oh, and if he hires me, I'll give a spot on my little magnet for free.

I'm totally new to cold calling. I'm learning to just ask questions! Man, this guy spilled out so much information. Like, how much he paid for lead before, his close rate, his percent he likes to spend on advertising, etc. Golden nuggets to help me help him right!

Thanks to all of you here. Reading WF and just trying it have been my only training!
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