Changing Local Online Marketing Service. Want Opinions Please

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I have a successful local online marketing business. In a nutshell, I sell;
A Wordpress website; 5 pages, plus about 10-12 articles.
Optimizing their Google Plus Business listing- new photos and videos
12 videos uploaded to a keyword optimized Youtube channel. Either talking head, business tour, or animated videos (using
24 more videos (slide show with music) to 2 more Youtube channels (total) to provide links and better Google positioning.
The 12 original videos sent to 4 additional videos sites, with different titles, descriptions, and tags.
1,000 website listings.
240 online business directory listings. Using
And a lot of links to videos, articles, the website, their original website, and ongoing content creating.
I charge $3,999 up front and then $199 a month until they decide to stop.

Here's what happened; The Google Exact Match Domain Name websites are almost gone. Some are ten pages back...Some of the websites the clients had before I started with them, are also gone or moved off the first page. (I'm talking about the organic listings, not Google Plus Business listings)

So, my question;
Should I stop including a website as part of the deal, and just create links to their existing site? Or keep the website I build, and just not depend on it to be on Google page one.
Maybe just concentrate on creating videos? (they always show up on page 1, at least a few)
If I drop the website, should I reduce the monthly fee?

I sell this package when I speak to groups of business owners. Selling isn't the problem. I just want to know what several bright minds think would be a good option, now that Google has made many local websites useless.

I've also checked local business websites that are not depending on exact match domain names. They are also affected. In fact many searches don't list any websites from anyone for a few pages back.

This may change after the dust settles, but I can't count on that. Ideas?
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    Honestly I see a real paradigm shift appearing on the scene. The local business website is A LOT less powerful than it once was. Google+ Local and Facebook when properly used to resonate social proof can drive sales by themselves. A Google+ listing in the A-C spot with 35 positive reviews is enough to keep the phone ringing off the hook.

    With the evolution of online social media...people care a lot less about what you say in comparison to what others say about you. So why not make it easy for them to find video testimonials and positive reviews about your business?

    Summary: Sell a bulletproof reputation campaign. Video testimonials, review gathering funnels, reputation management, and Google+ Local SEO
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      The actual social memberships are also changing things. Now, when I check a keyword I get my friends posting on the subject in the top box. So you can imagine, as this develops what business owners will see when you say "hey check out your EMD or Keyword rank".

      It does show, that the more fans and reputation you can muster for a client the more they will show up on searches. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks.
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        Forgot to ad. I would still sell the web sites, to those that want them. But I can see why I will start to avoid this in certain situations. I can get everything a "web site" will possess on a FB tab; which of course is appealing for certain companies. So, at this point I could SELL anyone a web site, but it really is becoming pointless for some. Caterers, for example. I think a cool site for them, showcasing beautiful food setups, and all sorts of great tech to help them manage menus, and booking is killer - but they often don't care that much (some do some don't). There are tons of them that want to be all over yelp, and do most of their sales with a notepad and a telephone number.

        So, yeah, not saying to exclude it, but if they don't need it or want it; it is easier than ever to just skip it totally. Of course, this also does not change your price, it only changes where you are placing content and how. So the time and resources to get them seen is still the same, just the tech is changing a bit.
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