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Ok so I have a habit before I go to bed at night of watching 1-2 hours of seminars from guys like Joe Polish, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, etc etc. Any video I can find on youtube that looks credible & informative, I will usually watch. But many of the videos are old.


So let me ask 3 simple questions.

1) Who still uses consumer awareness guides that lead to 24 hour recorded messages? These are used like normal direct mail right? You write great copy, target a list, and send?

2) Jay Abraham talks about how he has expanded many businesses, without spending a dime upfront. He mentioned finding people who have wrote Amazon books as an example.

What he'll do is contact the bookseller, and see if he can promote a seminar to people who have bought their book. Then he will cut them a commission based on how many seminars he sells to their list.

This idea was brilliant to me. But I can't understand how to use something like this locally. Say its for home improvement. If you find someone who wrote a book about home designs, many of their book buyers will be from all around the world.

So how can an idea like this be used locally? I think I need to just sit down and think more creatively, but I'm still curious what others think. Have you ever used something like this?

3) Has anyone advertised teleseminars by postcard? Rather than attempt selling a service directly? This was another idea I thought was brilliant. I can't even imagine what can be accomplished using a setup like this.

But I have a follow up question to this. Since I've never used teleseminars. It would seem like the seminar needs to be done live, at a specific time. Which seems like a major limiting factor. So how would you get around this? Do you just run the seminar at multiple times/dates?


I realize these are 3 very broad questions. But I'm not looking for people to answer all 3. Perhaps you've had experience with one of them, and would like to add some comments/advice? I'm always on the look for innovative marketing ideas, like something as simple as putting a free 24 hour recorded message on your business cards. Sounds like a brilliant idea in theory... but I never see people use it. Are people just lazy? I mean if you can do that, you can probably send people straight to a video where you pitch your service.


Thanks guys! - Red
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    I have not done this but can offer some advice on how to get #2 to work locally.

    Using your example of home improvement. How I would use that method would be to target a few of the bigger local realitors (agents not agencies). Ask them if they would be willing to market this to their list of buyers that bought 2 to 3 years ago.

    Why 2 to 3?
    1. Homes turn on an average around 5 years so they will not want you influencing those people (4 to 6 years) to improve vs buy new.
    2. If the person bought a house they like it is unlikely they will want to improve it under two years. But you could do 1 to 3 as well.

    I suspect realitors would be open to this sicne they would make money off it and since they would control the list. They might even make a few sales off of this directly from people who would ratehr buy another house vs improve so this marketing message might get them back into the buyers market sooner. It's a win win for the realitor.

    If you have other targets you are thinking about I am more than willing to brainstorm how I would impliment #2 for other markets.
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    I don't use any of those methods, I think they are outdated. To find Offline Clients, I am positioning myself on Search Results, Leveraging Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and from a ground game perspective, I attend business mixers and cherry pick people I want to work with. I have what every business owner needs, the ability to get them more leads and sales from the Internet. Done deal...

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    • These methods will still work because they are accomplishing the primary goal: getting in front of qualified prospects, to pitch them - while offering something of value.

      I don't think this strategy will work broadly, but strategically it will work... for example - I have a friend who is an author in Southern Illinois. He has a 50k person following and maybe that much in books sales annually. He writes fantasy novels and recently a zombie novel. He also gives presentations and book signings. He gives a presentation on how to become an author, the legal stuff, the publishing & distribution stuff, etc. If you offered a complimentary service or presentation, you could capitalize on the Piggyback approach.

      That would be on IDEAL scenario that this strategy would work. If you're going to TEAM up with someone and gain access to their current customers or followers, you need to utilize the person who you want to team up with.

      Currently I made a great connection with the Director of Marketing for IL Dept of Ag..... She mostly assists with the marketing of the department and helps 100's of IL businesses's like Organic Farms, Mom and Pop shops, etc. The dept holds semi-annual marketing seminar events which I have presented at and sold to clients.

      I'm currently putting together a Quarterly or Semi-Annual Power Lunch Speaker series in my area for Executives, Marketing Directors, and Business Owners.

      Think WIN - WIN
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