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So, I am currently running a promotion.
I set the site up on a new domain.
Told my VA, no longer with me, to set up the email.

Naturally, as part of the promotion, I got press coverage.
TV and Newspaper coverage... as well as online promotion that I did in addition.

So, here we are 8 days into the promotion, and no emails.
This is about a week after being in the paper, and 5 days after being on tv.
I was going to contact some more tv stations tomorrow to help speed things up.
Because, I haven't gotten any emails.

Go to check the email for the contact form....It's right.
Check the email on the hosting account... Never got set up! WTF !?!?
So, I could have been getting emails this whole time.

Is there anyway I can try and get the emails I missed?
I know its a long shot.

I don't want to submit a new press release saying I f'd up.
That's not cool.....
This has probably cost me a few grand already, I would like to re-coup some of that if possible.

Can I setup the email that should have been set up and get the emails that should have been sent to it?
#bad #f@cked
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    go and contact the hosting company ASAP. Who is it, hostgator?

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    Ouch I feel for you bro.

    First thing to do is to set up that email. And sadly that is all you can really do.

    Depending on the mail server people sending you mail are using it MIGHT keep trying for a while after they send it before it bounces it, so you might capture a few that way, kinda like the redial ona fax machine.

    Longest I have ever seen one go for is 72 hours, attempt delivery every hour for 24 hours then once every 12 for another 48.

    I hope someone can give you a better solution and good luck with it.

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    Yeah, its HG.

    Each missed entry cost me a minimum of $750.
    I received a Google Alert 2 hours ago of my promotion being on TV.
    I checked the link, it was from 5 days ago and I just got the alert 2 hours ago...
    That's when I was like "WTF!" - Where are my entries?
    Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
    - Neale Donald Wilson -
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    That sounds extremely painful.

    If you managed your own server dedicated server their would be a chance.
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    If you get the emails set-up immediately, you may be able to get a few of them as some mail services will resend the original a second time before it is declared to be "unable to deliver".

    However, most (if not all) of your emails will have been simply bounced back to the sender. You can contact your hosting company, but I seriously doubt they will be able to salvage any lost emails. Always worth trying though.

    Put out a statement telling anyone that sent you an email and didn't receive a response from you to contact you again. Simply say technical problems prevented some emails from reaching you.

    If you need some help on the tech side getting this set up right, send me a PM.
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    Try this:

    log in ftp to your root access
    look for folders /mail/new

    some of the time the new mails are sent there regardless if the name is setup.

    if any files are there download them, and open with notepad to read

    I have found this to work in the past.
    maybe it will help?
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    Some hosting accounts have a catch all email account, for any domain emails that don't exist. Ask support if you have one. Depending on the type of account you have, you might be able to see what you have in the root directory if there is a mail folder, I think someone else suggested that. Not sure that would help either though unless you have a catchall
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    If you are using cpanel go to Email and see if there is a "default email account" it will be 'yourusername' - there will be a link to "Webmail" try that.

    There are only 2 ways to fail - not starting and not finishing. - Anon
    You miss 100% of the shots you never take - Wayne Gretzky Canadian Hockey Player

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    I can help you set it up.Pm to talk and fix it fast
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    That's really a shame. As far as I know, unless your hosting company can help you, those missed emails are gone forever.

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    Originally Posted by vndnbrgj View Post

    I don't want to submit a new press release saying I f'd up.
    That's not cool.....
    I have had to do that a few times, and people dont respond too cool. You are right.

    Sometimes you just have to eat it, and move forward. The ability to do that, despite others opinions, presumptions, or whatever was lost is part of why you will make it in the long haul while others are stopped up for months by every failure they suffer.

    Some arent going to like it... and sometimes you are going to lose a little work and investment, even reputation, due to missing stupid little things... What do you do...quit ? No.

    Its better if you can fail quietly however without emailing people and announcing it , even though thats not always possible. Failures are an integral part of success no matter what anyone says, even ones that would have succeeded were it not for some stupid oversight.

    You will outlive it.

    Just dont let it get you down too much, remember why it was a good plan in the first place, and realize that it was just a dumb mistake that messed you up, and you say "Damn!"...and you get back to the drawing board, cringing and all.

    You may have to eat it and just start back from the beginning sometimes. Again, being able to do that is a big part of success. Its not really hard, its just a delay, a little embarrassment, and you have to look at the money you lost like you never had it in the first place and just start over at the drawing board.

    Thats why you will succeed, because you can do that.

    Sometimes what we need to hear isnt what we want to hear, but I hope this helps.

    Ps. Sure you f'd up, but its probably not as bad as you think. You arent down for the count.
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