Do you train clients how to use the site you created for them?

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Just wondering guys. I know a lot of you create sites for clients in Wordpress.

1. Do you train them how to maintain it?
2. What do you do if they break it?
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    Hi, absolutely Yes. The more you can show them and the more they get to grips with it, the less customer service calls and emails.

    If for some reason it's not working I check whether we host the site. If so, I fix it, if not, then I contact their hosting company with a support ticket. Nine times out of ten it's normally something silly.
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    When we have web clients sites built in WP, they are given basic instructions on how to post - including images, video, adding HTML code to a post etc. We usually sit down with them in order to get them comfortable and we also leave a written guide to posting. We also make it known NOT to play around with the appearance/editor/widget part of the dashboard. 9 times out of 10 we ask permission to set them as an author rather than an ADMIN in order to help prevent any FUBAR moments.

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    I make screen caputre videos going over how to add everything.
    Adding media, pages, and posts.

    Anything else, they have to contact me.
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    To add, I should've said that a sit down is only done when it's a local client. Otherwise screen caps and written instructions are used.

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    1) If it's a CMS I have standard document telling them how to add pages, posts and all the other basics, if it is not a CMS then I don't let them make edits. I also try not to let ecommerce sites add their own products etc, they're more than happy to pay somebody to maintain it for them, especially as most don't know what they're doing in terms of google shopping etc

    2) Charge them to fix it haha, never happened to me yet though, most are too scared to even make basic edits and would rather pay me to do it for them.

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