What has been your best strategy you have learnt from this forum to make money with?

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I post this question cause, I just saw on another post, that member has just made his 10 year milestone on the warrior forum.

It got me wondering after all those years, I wonder what strategy they found the best?
So I asked (still waiting for reply)

But I thought it might be interesting to hear from other warriors.
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    People, including myself, have been doing offline marketing since the internet began....However, I guess it was around 2006-2007 when a warrior named Andrew Cavanagh gave it a name, and brought it into the spotlight by calling it "Offline Marketing".

    Thats when the term OFFLINE MARKETING really took off and caught fire to the best of my knowledge. I remember when I read his posts they blew me away, because I had been running a telemarketing room for years that did what he described, only not "door to door" as he described it...but I didnt know there was a name for it, and I didnt know it was considered "internet marketing", or that anyone at the warrior forum would think much of the idea, because it wasnt an "online" strategy.

    Much like the Warrior Forum itself, once it had a name it blew up, and Im thinking that it has been one of the most successful types of business models ever here. We are all very proud of it, and it sets a new person free every day.

    Thanks Andrew.
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    • Thanks every one for inputting.

      I also asked this as I am currently doing a bachelor's degree in marketing, and I hold in very high regards other people views, that have actually walked the life.

      I am also very grateful for the warrior forum for creating this place, to learn and gain experiences from other warriors.
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    The best strategy I learnt was to pick one and run with it. When I stopped diving from one brilliant idea to the next and actually focused on one strategy. My online and offline business grew.

    Trust me, it's not easy. I find logging off the internet one of the most productive things you can do to get things done.

    I also got out of the "I'll just go online to do some research" mindset. You intend to spend 5 mins online, then 1 hr later you wonder where the time went.

    I read a great case study by Terry Kyle on here and that kind of changed my thinking of how to make money.
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    Best strategy I found was the one I am still using...

    1. Find someone overseas who designs nice websites and is easy to communicate with, who charges a wholesale rate (you can get nice websites made from $5 an hour up to $300 per site in my experience).

    2. Call around your local town and ask if they need a website, offer for between $800-$1200 + hosting ($300 per year is a good start).

    3. Out of every 80-100 people who you answer your call, 1 will buy.

    4. Offer an upsell service (Mobile sites, SEO, Google Places etc), find outsourcer who will do it, make more profit.

    5. Rinse repeat until you build customer base.
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    The best strategy that I've got is to know that there is no best strategy. It depends on a number of factors when contacting target markets. As with what desmond11 had said, if you've gotten good results from a certain marketing practice then stick with it. You can also mix and match marketing methods to get better results.

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    The "best strategy" is very different for many people. What works great for me may not work great for you.

    The most important thing i've learned since taking control of my own life and starting my own business is that there is a set of skills and experiences you need to learn before you can reach success. Once you have these skills almost any strategy will work for you. Countless books, threads, posts have been written about these skills, here's a few...

    1) Learning to manage your fear and anxiety (yes, it's a skill)
    2) Not giving up when the going gets hard (skill also)
    3) Research & analysis
    4) outsourcing (you can't do everything on your own, and you shouldn't try)
    5) Goal setting (real goal setting, not just jotting something down and hoping it happens)
    6) Dealing with short comings & not quitting
    7) SELLING, this is one of the most important skills to learn. Everyday you are selling something whether you realize it or not, whether it be a product, idea, trying to sell your girlfriend on action movie instead of chick flick. The people who get things in life are the once who know how to influence decisions.

    There's much more, and we've all heard it all before, but it takes a moment of clarity to let it all sink in.
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    The best strategy i have learned from here are some marketing strategies that really helped my offline business.
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    Its been not a long time I joined this forum but as I am reading many peoples reviews on it I have learned hell lot of about marketing which I never know.

    My first blog about friv games http://www.freeonlinefrivgames.com/ read it and learn more about free games.

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