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I've grown tired of making demo after demo for small businesses. I want to speed up the process a little and what i'm thinking of doing is just a photoshop version of the website (or template I plan to use), change a few things like the logo, add the businesses name, add some new pics, and display it to them. What do you guys think about doig it like this? I know there is something speical about the business owner seeing the actual website and clicking on stuff, but from my experience they don't even click on stuff. They just recommend changes here and there and thats when I know I have a sale. Recommendations?
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    In my opinion you only lose sales by providing demos before taking payment.
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    I agree with iAmNameLess.

    You are wasting your time and your abilities on people that won't use or aren't interested in your services. Sure, SOME of them may buy, but the majority won't.

    Focus on finding those interested and show them your work for others, or make up a few "demos" and use those repeatedly. Don't create a demo for each potential client. It's robbing you of time you could spend finding new clients, calling a list, walking your downtown businesses, etc.

    Spend your time on clients that are actually INTERESTED enough to ask to see your work.

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    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    I've used this strategy very successfully. Granted, you should have a good sales ability. But when you combine good sales ability, with a business owner who doesnt have a website but has at least thought once about having one, with an awesome demo site already tailored to their line of business, its pretty successful.

    Just in the last 3 weeks, I've closed 5 clients on web design services using this exact strategy. I have 4 more in the pipeline. It's worked absolutely perfectly. It didn't take long either. The key is to craft an appropriate sales message and deliver incredible value with the website.

    I hope this helps you out. If you need any help or have any questions lt me know.
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    • Without knowing the details.

      YES prepare demos graphically rather then functionally if you have not been paid. It's hard starting out because you may want to focus A LOT of front-end time before presenting the sale. Your thoughts might be, "If I show them how nice, functional, GREAT the service is, they will buy"

      Don't waste tons of resources on front-end demo/presentation work for low value clients, the sales that are small need to be streamlined not taking up all of your time. Streamline your demo process and you will see improvements overall.

      Of course, ALL warriors should agree.... Have a proper sales presentation for your highest value clients, it's cost effective to use the resources you have to show your best stuff for High$$ accounts.

      How are you meeting your clients? In person or virtually?
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