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Ok so I cold called a business and they asked me to show the mobile mockup I made for them. I did, but they were interested in a complete revamp of their websites (which are crappy) for their business. They asked me to send thru a written proposal.

I didn't speak with the decision maker (and the person who is supposed to be tech savvy) so I am thinking that even after I write up the proposal... there will be more changes when that person gets involved.

They want all websites under one central website. So all there 5 or so aspects of their business in one place instead of separate websites. 2-3 of these are big sites with maybe a 100 pages each. They also want a mobile website with mobile relevant information.

This will need ongoing support. In developing content as well as troubleshooting any existing issues. They want to be able to update scores and such immediately and do it themselves.

This is a organization in the sports field. My guess is their revenues are between 500k to 1.5 M. According to Manta they employ 5-9 employees.


1. How do I find reliable people to outsource this to? This is my main concern...

2. What do I charge?

3. How do I write a proposal?

Now....... lots of self-doubting thoughts are coming up, if I will be able to fulfill it IF they decide to go forward with it (and of course its not certain till its in the bag). This will be my first project in offline if it goes through!
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    I write proposals all day long , but not for offline products. For a construction company. Here is a cover letter I use...

    October 17, 2012 Via Email:


    Attention: Mr.



    We are pleased to submit the following Lump Sum Proposal to furnish all supervision, labor, tools, material (except as stated herein) and construction equipment to complete this project in accordance with your request for quotation, for “electrical and instrument installation”.


    The attached clarifications are considered part of this proposal and reflect directly on the proposal price.

    We appreciate this opportunity to serve your company and look forward to working with you on this and future projects. Should additional information be required, please don’t hesitate to notify (Project Estimator) or the undersigned at (xxx) xxxxxxx


    Personally I would figure out how much time , or cost per hour it will take. You can do a per hour bid, or give them a lump sum. Change the wording to how you see fit.

    ITS VERY IMPORTANT to follow the cover page with clarifications,terms,conditions, etc

    Granted, this if for construction, but its a start

    John Smith
    Manager of Estimating
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    Make sure to put your logo on the top. Build the brand name.
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    I would speak to the decision maker.

    Call back and ask for the decision maker.
    Say there are a few things you want to double check.

    When you get the DM on the phone double check that they even want a proposal.
    Say you talked to so and so, and they said you were considering a re-design.
    Since you haven't had the chance to speak to them personally, you just wanted to make sure it was something they were interested in.
    Ask if there is anything specific they were looking for, and then set an appt to go over it with the DM.

    This will tell you if you even need to worry about it, and what parts are important.
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    I don't think you should send in a proposal just yet.

    Your prospect is somewhat qualified. You know someone there doesn't like what they have now for websites. OK.

    What specifically is it that they don't like?

    Do they have a budget?

    What does the DM think? Do they share this belief that what they have now is bad? Are they willing to spend money to solve the problem?

    Submit your proposal without knowing more, and you'll be reduced to a commodity...and your proposal will be used against you as a negotiating tool.
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    Do NOT do a proposal until you speak to the DM. For all you know you will write it up only to be told "Didn't ask for it, don't want it".

    Call back and ask to speak to him/her. Set up a meeting. Sit down and find out exactly what they want, do not be afraid to ask them what sort of budget they have available for it as there is no point him having a price point of $500 in mind when you are writing a proposal for a $20k job.

    Once you have clarified things, go away do your research on outsources, costs etc and THEN write your proposal.

    Quoting first and researching later = Losing money 99% of the time.

    Good luck and go get 'em!

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    The DM is the one that wants a new website but he wasn't in, so I wasn't able to sit down with him.

    I think asking for their budget is a good idea. I will do that. I already sent them an email asking for more clarification. I'll follow up on the phone tomorrow or day after.
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