Cold Calling VS Cold Emailing...or both?

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This comment of mine has now been on 3 threads asking the same information. It went something like this "Should I cold email, or cold call? Should I follow up on a cold email because no one has replied? What do I say to them?"

Here's my answer, it needed a thread since it's clear people have questions. As always, this is my opinion, it may or may not work for you, but it works for me, and probably will for someone else

My advice comes as a cold caller for years - which doesn't matter, a follow up is a follow up.

When cold emailing - YOU SHOULD CALL THEM AFTER. People are busy, rude, uptight and otherwise need prodding especially when they didn't expect your call or email. No, most people that receive a call, email or VM (that's another issue) do not respond immediately unless they were already looking for what you are selling. Put it this way, if I NEVER called back those that were out of the office, or that I sent an email to that didn't answer, or that I was sent to VM on...I'd be horrible at my job. You call them back, because it will be the only way you will get a response with some people. Even if that response is no, you aren't left wondering.

You can do it anyway you want, but here is my suggestion (and again I may be biased). You would serve yourself better pulling their phone number and email and making yourself a list (like excel). I'm assuming you already pulled a list of emails, so do both at the same time. Then, CALL THEM, and say "My name is Melissa with ABC Services, I know you are busy, but I'd like to know if I can send you an email to introduce myself and my SEO services." They are going to say:
1- NO (then thank them and call the next guy)
2- Well tell me a little more about yourself first (and then you're in on the phone)
3- Yes, and they'll give you an email address (to which you reply, "great, look for an email with the subject _____, is there a day I can follow up with you next week to discuss?" They'll either say whenever, or yes, or no...but you'll call them anyways to FOLLOW UP!)

If you do it your way, and blind email, then you should still call them back, but you say this when you call. "This is Melissa with ABC Services, I sent you an email on Wednesday and didn't hear back from you. I'm sure you're busy, but I wanted to make sure you got it and answer any questions." They will say:
1- No, I didn't get it (then you can either pitch on the phone or verify email, or ask them to check spam...and send it again)
2- Yes, I got it but I'm not int (rebuttal or move on)
3- Yes, I was just busy, tell me a little more OR YOU say, when is a good time for us to discuss for a few minutes on the phone? How about Tuesday at 1 pm? (BAM, appt)
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