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I am building up a sales team for my web design business, and one of the sales strategies I have involves emailing potential clients one-by-one, using templates with minor modifications in each email (or maybe no modifications at all except the email address of the recipient).

I am hosting my website at bluehost.com, and plan to keep all of my salespeople's email accounts there.

Does anybody know if there are limits placed on one-by-one emailing with bluehost?

Does anybody have experience with this, even with a different hosting service?

Thanks for your help warriors!
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    I believe you can because blue host do provide unlimited email account for you to host but another case you need to worries is how much space available for those email account you build in order to store your email one by one.
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    Do you mind sharing your email template? Thanks.
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    Hi,How you are increasing your sales team??
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    Bluehost does give you an 'unlimited' email account, but there is a limit on outbound emails to prevent spam; it's 150 emails per hour. You can learn more here:


    They have such great customer service, though - you might even be able to get them to work with you if you just call.
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