Condense Call Tracing and Email?

by grey38
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I'm having an issue keeping tracking calls and email creation simple for customers. Most want a new email, that goes along with their domain which is easy. Problem is, it's a learning curve for them. Sometimes I'll import the email into their previous email, so they can use both. If I'm 100 miles away, how can I make the process easier for them, aside from asking for their password and taking care of it?

I use hostgator's email clients to make the domain emails.

Tracking calls. So far I've used google voice, which means now they have to log into their gmail, and google voice to see voicemails.

Now they need to check:

Google Voice
Previous Email
Possibly new email

It all just seems so complicated in their eyes to learn these new venues.

What can I do to make this easier for them?
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    If you are going to use the same platform for every client, why not create a private part of your site for your clients that has step by step instructions on what they need to do? If it's written well (maybe hire a tech writer) it may save you a lot of time down the road. Also it is a nice selling point for new clients that you have a private support site for your customers.
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    I'd need a set of different instructions for every different platform. Plus I want to make the process simpler, not add on more learning for them.
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      I guess I misunderstood your description, it sounds like you are talking about when they all have different email clients, I was thinking you were setting them up on Google with mail. If so, I see only 1 platform, Google, OS won't matter.
      Sounds like you don't want to be a support company, so if part of the deal is setting them up, maybe it's easiest to just do remotely through sharing their desktop. They can watch what you are doing so they know you are just setting them up and then encourage them to change passwords after for security purposes. Build that extra time into your quotes so you are paid for the tech support.
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