wht would be the price???

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Hey guys,

What would be the price for Guest posting? I do have general sites which accept only general niche and they are brilliantly maintained but don't know what price can I offer per post of at least PR2?

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    I don't know that the price is as important as JUSTIFYING the price. If I were to allow guest posting, to calculate a price, I would consider the following:

    1. How much traffic can you BRAG about to justify the price - PR2 or not? An example is - Killer Start-up.com charges $99 to feature a post (although they write it). It is a popular website, more than a million visits per month.

    2. Can you charge say, $35.00 for a guest post, pay $10.00 of it to a traffic generation service to get your guest post views? Perhaps you charge $50 and send 5,000 visits using a traffic service. Just a thought.

    3. Where onsite will the post be placed. The highest trafficked area of your website should cost more to feature a post. For all intents and purposes, a 'guest post' is an advertisement of sorts and should be treated accordingly.

    Hope this helps some.

    B.D. Dale
    Online Marketing Instructor

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    That depends. Guest posts can actually be free to help bolster traffic to your site.

    But since it seems like you are the one who is offering to have guest posters, you need to base your price on how much traffic your website draws in, its PR, its position on search engines. There's a lot of other things to base your pricing on, that's up to you however.

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    the price is basically driven by how much traffic you draw in

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      Originally Posted by jamtrading View Post

      the price is basically driven by how much traffic you draw in
      This is basically what your price should be based on. A website that draws in a lot of traffic is of course more valuable than one that doesn't.

      Traffic matters when it comes to giving a price on guest posting. You're giving your guest poster a slot on your site to help them bolster their traffic. It's natural that your price is justified by your traffic.
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    If it was anyone I would actually WANT to feature, then I would pay THEM!

    - By letting them promote their wares.

    If they drew alot of traffic I would JV with them and send them to my forum mailing list or give them a banner or something.

    When it comes to this stuff I think most pro marketers think in terms of JV's , not cash paid for posting, although cash paid for banner ads , or "classified" ads is traditionally acceptable.



    Because you can make $35 - $100 off ONE affiliate sale. If they cant pull more than one, then you wouldnt want to promote them anyway.

    To repeat intentionally- You could let them pay you $35 for a feature post, or you could JV with them, and stick a link in it that stays there for years, and make hundreds, if not thousands off that same post throughout time.
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    Some sites pay upto $1000+ for articles to get written

    but you should weigh up and quantify the value exchange if you're considering becoming a guest blogger.

    Whats in it for you?
    Is there a back end?
    Will they recommend u to their list?
    Will they recommend your product(s) services to their list?
    Will you recommend theirs' to yours?
    Will they give you a testimonial and backlinks - you, them?

    The secret I suspect is to manage expectation and have something
    useful, relevant and interesting to say that solves a potential problem
    for the reader.

    Find a need, and fill it and be prepared to demonstrate your value

    Hope that helps.

    (Just my 2c)
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    It depends on who the guest is. And where the post will be published. A web celebrity can easily ask for $1000s per piece.

    However the average guest post will probably cost $5-25 per piece and be published for free as a mutual helpful gesture. All you will get is probably a good backlink and some referral traffic for your money.
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