How do I find family reunions?

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I archive and restore photos, and am considering hiring myself out to folks who are having a family reunion. The plan is to have everyone bring their box of old photos, and let me crank through them in the back room while they're enjoying the festivities. That way they wouldn't have to let the photos out of their possession and I would get a ton of business at x cents per image (or an hourly or gig rate, perhaps).

So.... how would you go about connecting with folks who are in the planning stages for family reunions?

I'm in a fairly rural area 40 min from a city of 22,000 and two university towns, and there's a city of 100,000 an hour and a half away. There's a local TV station, a few radio stations (includiing an NPR outfit), and there's a local newspaper, want-ads paper, and three relevant Craig's Lists.

Thanks, folks. Top advice (or two) gets a photo restored for free if you'll send me a scan.
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    Have you searched Facebook for those keywords? It may be worth a shot to begin a group on Facebook to discuss that industry. Further - most are putting those photos up on Facebook and a few, making money making scrapbooks of these photos on Facebook. Just a thought.

    There is little doubt that FB has certainly 'cut into' that market!

    B.D. Dale
    Online Marketing Instructor

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    You may also consider geo-targeted advertising on websites devoted to family reunions or genealogy sites. Another possible market for you would be class reunions and advertising on the alumni sites that are out there.
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    Have you heard of google alerts, you could setup an alert so you get an email whenever any family reunion keywords show up on the web. From there you can try and contact whoever posted that info.

    Also, why are you only targeting family reunions? I know there is an issue of people not wanting the photos out of their site but i'm sure there's a way around this, just like the scan technique you offered to us. If you are only looking for reunions it's going to be hard to make a steady weekly income. And what happens if you go through the trouble of setting up and people forget to bring the pics for example? You would still need a way to edit those pics once they get back home.
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    I would also suggest making a youtube video for your services and optimizing it for important keywords so people can see exactly what you do, if you need any help pm me.
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    You could start a group of people who are interested in sharing "relics of the past" and telling a bit of their history with old family photos. If you word it right and pick a nice spot people will come, and you could offer to restore the photos on the spot while people share stories and what not. Come to think of it, I should start something like that down here! Seems like a nice way to pass the time.
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