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I understand that to be a reseller of Text Message, I need to have my own 800 number in the message.

Can anyone share low cost 800 number services that I could use ?

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    I use Ring Central but I am sure there are many others.

    Yes, by the way, I AM in the Witness Protection Program. I could tell you who I am but then I would have to kill you.

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    Evoice, Grasshopper, and Ringcentral are some of the best for the money... from what I've seen anyways.

    Try them out and if you don't like them move on to the next.
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    callfire as well offers them
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      Kall 8 has been mentioned here on the forum a number of times and their pricing starts at $2.00.

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    kall8.com is dirt cheap.... But I like grasshopper as well.
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    Using Kall8 - no problems. Dirt cheap.


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      I have used Kall8 several times and never had a problem.
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    I'm owner at Alliance Phones (Alliance Phones – Small & Medium Business Phone Systems). Give me a call I will try to fit your needs.
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    Twilio would be the best value, only $2 per month and 3 cents per minute inbound.

    They have a open source phone system that you can host on your own web server called OpenVBX, it's free!
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