What to do with my site? Lead Generation or Rental Website?

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Hey guys. I have a lead generation website in the Wedding Video Niche. It's starting to generated at least 4-5 emails now a month. Right now I work at a video production company and I do my offline marketing work from here, so I give my boss the leads and take a commission on whatever he closes. So far I've me a couple of hundred bucks in the last few months. He's not interested in doing weddings next year and I just got a job with another video company, so I'm thinking what should I do here?

1. Offer it as a pure lead generation site. Set up a list of buyers in my market and shop each lead?

2. Make sections for each of the 3 major towns in our region, and a featured section. Rent each one? This was my first plan but I abandoned it and decided for pure lead generation.

3. Rent the entire site.

My goals for next year is to do some JV marketing for the site, get it in local bridal directories and I've secured a booth at the big bridal show coming up in February. I may run some commercials on TV to generate interest as well. I need to make a decision in the next month so I can market it right next year.

I've posted about my past threads on this site here.
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    I'd go with the first option.

    Your site should purely be about lead generation... although I would suggest that you shift to a difference niche.

    There are a lot of companies that are constantly on the look out for a lead generation company, although they are in the B2B field of industry.

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    I'd vote for pure lead generation. Although you are going to have to explore more methods than just through generating leads through your website.
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