multiple buys on same credit card for Bluehost or Host Gator

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Hi all,

I stumbled upon Bluehost or Host Gator affiliate program, but I have a question regarding how their payouts are handled. I mean if someone buys multiple accounts from bluehost or hostgator do these multiple buys get credited for the affiliate program.


I buy 20 different accounts for 20 different people who dont have a debit or credit card, will these sales count as an affiliate sale.

Please help me figure this out.

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    No, this will not work.
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    I believe you'll only get credited with the initial sale (introductory). Also, if someone signs up for hosting and then they fail their next payment, you won't get credited with the sale.
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      This is similar to what I just asked in the thread "How get affiliate commissions for hosting of clients sites"

      The way I understand the affiliate terms, you can NOT use your credit card to buy accounts for other people via your affiliate link.

      I BELIEVE it would be a violation of terms and you wouldn't get credit for anything. This is what I'm checking on.

      In your case, people don't have a credit or debit card. In my case, my clients don't want to deal with buying the hosting. (I would buy it for them, start paying it, then sit with them and change the credit card billed.)
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