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Just a fun little story for everyone here. I was making calls this morning and I decided I needed a break, so I left the house for a while to go introduce myself to some other local businesses in my area.

I walked into a coffee shop just down the street from me, introduced myself and explained the type of work I did for businesses in the area. The owner was incredibly nice, and I wasn't trying to sell her anything in this case.

As I was walking to the door, a lady stopped me from across the room. She had overheard me talking to the owner, and it just so happens she was actually looking to get some marketing done for her photography business. We sat down and talked for a bit, and I am now designing a website for her as well as putting her on my direct mail piece that's going out this month.

I know these stories happen all the time on here, but they all have one thing in common. Whether you are cold-calling, visiting businesses on foot, using direct mail, or emailing...this stuff happens when you take action!
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    Nice story mate. Just goes to show. You never know when an opportunity is going to present itself.
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    Congrats on your deal TRENT!

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    Nice to hear a god story like that every now and then. Thanks for sharing.

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    Reminds me of a technique I learnt when I done some direct marketing many years ago.

    If you are selling to a group of people, turn your back on one of them and purposely exclude them from the sales pitch. Every time they try to get in on the action, or see what's going on, cut them out again. Once you finished your pitch (Presuming no one bought) walk away. The guy that you ignored will be chasing after you, trying to buy everything you got.

    Amazing how often that technique works.

    Looks like you may have inadvertently done something similar without even realising. Nice one!

    PS. The same technique will work on a group of ladies you may be trying to chat-up!
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    Congratulations for the deal mate ;-)
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    Congratulations, it really shows that one never knows what can happen from a small "routine" conversation.
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    Here's how to make that happen all the time (well, most of the time).......
    Don't wait for the place to be empty before going in to meet the owner.
    Go in when there's at least a few people in there, and if they're within ear-shot,
    make sure they can hear your pitch or presentation or what ever it is you do
    Just don't be too loud though or you'll come across as being aggressive

    ...and don't forget to SMILE...and BE EXCITED!!!

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    ....and ALWAYS carry business cards with you. They may sound "old hat" but they do work! I scored a $1000 job because someone I know put my card up on a notice board where she works.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Hey man, congrats. Thanks for sharing. Great info.
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    brilliant story thanks for sharing, you must have felt great afterwards, its very true, if you are out and about and letting people know your there, something will happen!
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    I love when stuff like this happens. Sometime it's seems like you can get business when you aren't looking for it and when you're looking for it you can't seem to find it.

    Plus, I know you said you made $1,500 but you don't know how much business she might refer to you in the future so it could actually be a lot more!

    Good score!

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    Originally Posted by Trent English View Post

    Just a fun little story for everyone here. I was making calls this morning and I decided I needed a break, so I left the house for a while to go introduce myself to some other local businesses in my area.
    OK so you needed a break from cold calling (I assume that's what it was?) and your "break time" involved more cold calling except this time you were cold walking-in? Way to take a break lol... sorry just couldn't let that one go without saying something

    But seriously that kind of work ethic that gets you working even while you play has gotta have its rewards as you clearly saw that day.

    I've had cold calls where a friend was in their office when I called and closed both of them from that one call--they told me they were desperate and I called at just the right time as they were about to go with another chap they had got his number, if I'd called the next day, they'd have been sorted.

    And guess what they were at the bottom of my list for the day, I was tired out and wanted to call it quits but just decided "a couple more dials and then it's good night"... Right time, right dial for sure.

    Thanks for the share by the way, stories like that keep us moving ahead no matter what.
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    Awesome Trent!

    It AMAZES me that people won't just take that step... When many people DO talk with a biz owner, they are like a quiet little mouse - so much so that your new client would have NEVER heard you if you did the same.

    Go for it Warriors - do what Trent did and don't be shy about it. Hey, they are just people too, they won't bite ya. :-)

    All success,


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