Online ads vs offline ads vs referal/direct contacts for a health care practice.

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I have a (alternative) health care practice - actually just opened it.
I have some experience with online marketing (selling digital products such as e-books) so I have applied some knowledge (SEO, Adwords etc) and I did get some clients through these channels. However I don't have any offline skills so I have been looking for a coach for it. (Some might have seen my thread asking for recommendations).

Now I have talked to some potential coaches. Also I have talked to some other successful practitioners in the similar (health care) field.

What I found was some coaches/successful practitioners say totally different things. Some seem to just focus on referrals and/or direct contacts etc. and say "In this field most of your clients come from referrals/direct contacts, not advertisement." and some other say "Nowadays most people search on Google for what they want/need locally. Internet marketing is key and not so much referrals or offline advertisement" One practitioner actually told me almost all his clients came through Google(SEO, Adwords).

I would think both work to a certain extent and it depends on how you do it, but from your experience which reflects the current reality more?

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    From my experience, it depends on a lot of factors, and all the strategies you mention can work. However, for most of my clients I see A LOT of referrals/traffic etc. from review sites like Yelp, Google+, etc. If you have limited resources (time and/or money), I would develop a good website and then work on getting reviews from past and current clients on various review sites (as well as optimizing your review pages). That one strategy could lead to a lot of new clients, (assuming you have positive reviews of course). You must stay on top of it and address any negative reviews that show up or this plan may backfire. I am sure there WSOs on here to help with this if it's new to you.
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