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by WillST
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Hi guys,

Which Offline WSOs have you found to be most beneficial to your business?

The main service I sell is monthly SEO, and have benefited immensely from a handful of Offline WSOs over the last year to help my business off the ground.

The WSOs which helped me when I first started out were Dexx's products - pure gold!

Which WSOs have you benefited from the most?

It would be great to develop this thread to highlight the best Offline WSOs from others experience with implementing them...
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    Jason Kanigan's cold calling WSO, hands down.

    Youtube Power Slam

    Buzy Business Bonanza Prospecting

    Little Fish Blueprint

    Rocket Video Ranker 2

    The Ken Strong Power Pack. Maybe the best after Kanigan's stuff.

    Others were worth the money, but these are the standouts.
    One Call Closing book

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    One of these threads pops up every week...someone needs to sticky it.

    Whatever WSO's have products or services YOU need are going to be the most beneficial to your business. You can't go by what everyone else got out of one unless they have the same product and same market as you.

    With that said, do some research on ones that catch your eye, look at their posts, see who knows what they are talking about.

    Here are some other threads like this one where you may have your question answered:

    Looking for answers on how to SUCCESSFULLY market your company?
    Cold Calling, Appointment Setting, Training, Consulting - we do it all!
    PM for more information

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      Originally Posted by Mwind076 View Post

      One of these threads pops up every week...someone needs to sticky it.[/url]
      I agree, people just don't use the search function available to them. I'm sick of seeing the same threads day in day out.

      Don't be lazy - use the search facility
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