Grew a pair and randomly walked into two business to pitch web design...and guess what happened...

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...nothing...absolutely nothing...

didn't get to pitch, didn't get a sale...didn't walk out with thousands of dollars of new business...well shoot...guess this isn't for me...

Kidding...mostly...I didn't get a sale...didn't even get to really pitch...of the two was..."we are a small business and don't really need it" and the other was a gatekeeper who stated that the owners father was handling the web's a freaking weebly site...anyway...I digress...

The point of this post has less to do with getting a sale and more to do with walking into the businesses...

I was waiting for my wife to finish off teaching and was waiting in a Starbucks...literally freaking out about blindly walking into this restaurant that I had checked on my ipad to see it it had a site...took me over a half an stated in the title...finally grew a pair and walked in and guess what yelling, no screaming, no your bothering me...

Just helped prove to myself what I have read here so's just business...nothing personal...if they don't want what I have to offer...they will say so...politely...

Now all I have to do is get the rest of my crap in order and start spending dedicated time out there or on the phone.

Mostly I need to get my pitch/script written...need to get my 30 second commercial together...time to review Jason Kanigans and John Durhams material and hammer something together...

If you read this far...thanks for indulging my little rant.

Have an awesome day
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    Originally Posted by avandrunen View Post

    I was waiting for my wife to finish off teaching and was waiting in a Starbucks...literally freaking out about blindly walking into this restaurant ...

    Awesome, next time just dont freak out... just kinda casually walk in non threatening, causally lean over the counter and casually say "hey, how you doin..." like a counselor who is truly concerned, and give off that CARE energy instead of fear...

    "I just wanted to (casually) drop by and let you folks know Im in business, we do webdesign...Wow, nice curtains...(looking around) didnt realize what a nice establishment you had here..,, you folks got anything goin on in the internet department for a place like this?"

    They may even jump right in and proudly explain to you that the curtains were imported from Italy or something... and you are like "Really? OMG they are gorgeous...".

    By that time the fear is all gone.

    Just be casual and non threatening/easy going. Save the pitching till after you have locked them in with a little care... That emotionally obligates them to at least give you the time of day for a second.

    Emotional reciprocity.

    Tip the scale like that , and they will naturally balance it back out.

    There is nothing to worry about...honestly, just walk in and be easy going. They arent going to bite you!

    Great first step....

    BTW, next time walk a few more doors if you have time, and cherry pick them. Make sure they are indy owned mom and pop and not a corp., that way you get an accessible decision maker...

    You can usually tell by how they look if they are indy owned or not.

    Good, breaking the fear!

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    The worst thing someone can say is NO. It's a fact that you'll get more "no's" than "yeses" so for each no, it brings you closer to a "yes."
    NO can't break your legs or give you an electric shock so go for it.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Now do 30 cold knocks before Thanksgiving and report back on how many sales you get.

    They're sitting out there, waiting to give you their money.
    David Duford -- Providing On-Going, Personalized Mentorship And Training From A Real Final Expense Producer To Agents New To The Final Expense Life Insurance Business.
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    Thanks John, I will absolutely work on being casual and the building emotional reciprocity...awesome guidance and definitely plan on hitting a few more doors next time...this was more of a spur of the moment.."before I sink to much more time into planning...will I be able to follow through" moment...

    Great point Laurence..the worst they will do is say no...and hell...I was a teenage boy once...I am use to rejection...

    30 before thanksgiving Rearden...easy peasy...that's gives me a year to get that done...

    Thanks again you guys for piping all helps me progress get on track.

    Have an awesome day
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    US Tday is 7 days away.

    Less over analyzing and more action.

    Just do it. You know it is not a big deal.
    David Duford -- Providing On-Going, Personalized Mentorship And Training From A Real Final Expense Producer To Agents New To The Final Expense Life Insurance Business.
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    Very solid point is one my my areas of opportunity...

    over analysing is what has prevented me from succeeding in IM for years...sometimes a solid kick in the ass is all one needs.

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    Great, repeat until sales.. refine the pitch, and get rich !

    GL :}
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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      Hi Adrian,

      Great post.

      What I found works for me is to identify a specific problem with their current website (or lack of any website which may be more the case).


      I walk into a local business....

      Me: Hi, is it possible to have a quick word with the business owner.

      Gatekeeper: What is it regarding?

      Me: I tried to find his website and it's not listed in Google. I can help him get onto Google, so that his other customers don't have the same problem that I just had!!

      Biz Owner overhears the conversation and shows an interest...

      Biz Owner: My brother built a good site for us using Weebly, what do you mean it is not showing up on Google?

      Me: I checked the first 3 pages and your site wasn't there.

      Biz Owner: Can you fix it?

      Me: I will do my best. Do you have your diary available and then we can make an appointment to go through it.


      By identifying a problem first of all and then implying that you can "make it better" should endear yourself to the biz owner - and make it considerably easier to make an appointment.

      Other examples of problems that you can fix are:

      1) I just looked at your site on my mobile phone and it wouldn't load properly.

      2) I have just tried to find your business on Facebook and it wasn't there.

      3) I noticed that your business has had some very negative reviews by complaining customers - I can get those reviews buried for good so that they don't damage your company's reputation.

      4) I couldn't find any video on your website - would you like me to create a video for you and upload it to YouTube. Your customers and prospects will love it !!

      The secret is to identify a specific individual problem that is costing your prospect's money, time, lost reputation, or show them something that their competitor is doing that they are not. Tell them that you can help fix the problem (without offering guarantees) and they will love you for it. The more specific it is the better. Vagueness does not work!

      If you also add the emotional reciprocity which you mentioned earlier (Never heard that before ) then you could find that your closing rate for making appointments is close to 100%.

      Best regards

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    Thanks Owner...the repeating is what's next.

    Thanks mark...awesome pieces of conversation and specific problems to look for.

    Very valid Stacey (awesome name BTW..and spelled wifes name as well...)
    I like the buddy part...goning to have to find a Joe though...

    Thanks everyone for all you help...I am soaking all of this in.
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