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Do you drop leaflets into homes that have a notice/sticker that says we don't buy from door salesmen/adverts etc or skip that house?
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    Up to you.

    Those stickers are more to deter canvassers.

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    Do you drop leaflets into homes that have a notice/sticker that says we don't buy from door salesmen/adverts etc or skip that house?

    Yes I did , the stickers have nothing to do with leaflets , they are for door to door salesmen.
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      Anytime I see a "NO Solicitors!" or ANY sign on a door that indicates they do NOT want .....little ol' YOU....bothering them with your sales stuff! I know 2 things;

      1) The "Chicken-Sh___" sales people have NOT been here
      2) Sales Guys "like me" have a BETTER chance of getting a!

      This reminds me of when I started my Burglar Alarm biz in the affluent North Shore of Chgo. I'd go up the "Marble" stairs of the Mansions....see the "NO Solicitors" sign and knock on the door.

      When the "maid" opened the door...I'd hand her my flyer and told her to "Give this to the owners, please!"

      Or....I'd just tape my flyer to the Door Handle and....THIS is how I got "John Pirie" (owner of Carson, Pirie Scott & Co) (HUGE Dept Store in downtown Chgo) PHONE ME and become one of my best "Referral Clients"!

      Same with how I got "Leonard Florsheim of Florsheim Shoes" and....hold your breath on THIS one...."Robert Galvin"....founder of MOTOROLA!

      Can you imagine the "Clout" that having a client as influential as "ROBERT GALVIN" can be to a business....and....being able to call the Founder of Motorola by his 1st name...."Bob"?

      So....I saw ALL the "Don't do this" and "Don't do that" crapola, when I first started out in business. My FIRST OBJECT....everyday....was to "PROVIDE FOR MY FAMILY"!

      I didn't give a Rats-Behind about "Rules, Regulations, or whatever!" It was FIVE years after I started my first biz when I got a notice from my City Hall that I had not registered my business!

      Whoopee-Fizz! I went down to City Hall and;
      filled out the Forms
      paid my $50 to be registered

      HEY! My philosophy has always been....DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO, UNTIL SOMEONE TELLS YOU OTHERWISE! (In "Business" matters)

      My goodness.....if you are asking questions like, "Can I hand out flyers"... you should consider whether you REALLY want to be in YOUR OWN biz and Make YOUR Own Decisions....or "Let a BOSS make those decisions FOR YOU!"

      Don Alm....INDIVIDUAL DOer until da Gummit tells me what to do and HOW to do it (which will be within the next 4 yrs with da present Marxist-Socialist Gummit)...and "getting ready to watch da "Marchers" who have not received their Gummit Handouts"....because Da Kountry is Broke!
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        Hey Simeon.....I just remembered one of my BEST money-makers when I was in College.

        One summer, Me and a buddy decided to work for a "Curb-Painting" biz instead of doing "Construction".

        Our "Job" was to place Flyers on doors of houses with a piece of tape. The flyer told about our Service of Painting their Address on the Curb in front of their home so the Fire Dept, Police Dept etc could EASILY FIND THEIR HOME in an emergency.

        IF they wanted to have us paint their Address Numbers on the Curb in front of their house....they just had to remove the Flyer....turn the piece over....write their Address Numbers ON the flyer and re-attach to their door knob.

        We would come by and Paint the Numbers on their Curb and leave them a "Bill Notice" for $5 (this was in the mid-60's WAY BEFORE anyone else was doing "Curb-Painting")

        We got $1 for each "acceptance". However, I thought I could get $10 from each "acceptance and told my "boss" that I'd like to receive $1 PLUS $5 for each "$10" acceptance.

        So....the next week, when the "Boss" saw the "acceptances" had not fact...had picked up....he them told us he'd give us $2 on each "acceptance".

        Well....guess what? Me and my buddy already knew what kinda paint to use and HOW to paint the numbers so....we started our own "Curb-Painting" biz. In fact, we decided to charge $20 for OUR service and discovered the people interested in THIS Service $20.

        So....thanks for letting me pull one of my MANY money-making ventures off a "Memory-Hook".

        Don Alm.....entroopeneer
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