How a random trip to the chinese restaurant ended up getting me $8,000 worth of business

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First, a little bit about me:

I'm a fulltime IMer and I've aslo been doing offline marketing for quite some time now. Between me and my business partner, we have 10 high-ticket clients at the moment. Our USP is that we promote ourselves as an exclusive Internet Marketing Company and we pick and choose only a select few clients we like to work with. (which is merely a psychology trick to increase )

Anyways, on to the story:

After I finished up some work at home, I decided to grab a bite to eat before heading out to a bar to watch the Lakers play under the new head coach Mike D'Antoni. (Huge Lakers Fan! )
So I stopped by the local chinese restaurant to order some food and ate it there. Had small talk with the cashier and before leaving, I noticed a tray full of business cards next to the register.
Asked her if it was okay to take some and ended up grabbing three cards.
The first one was a plastic surgeon who specializes in specific operations, the next one was for what looks to be a small time lawyer, and the third was for a shop that takes second-hand belongings from mothers who no longer had any use for these items and sold them to the newly expecting mothers.
After I finished watching a few games,[btw, the Lakers lost to the Spurs that night ]
I went home and immediately started researching each business. I was looking to see if websites existed or not, if so, how were they ranking, researched their individual markets, etc...

-After I gathered some basic information, I started to put together a plan on how to approach these owners. So this was it:
-I would show up to the businesses in person and approach the owners directly.
-I would come off as being new to the area and wanted to get to know my surroundings and such.
-The plan is to befriend the business owner to make him/her lower his/her guard and carry on a conversation with me.
-Make them feel like they're doing me a favor by telling me about their nice community, discuss how business is going, even the best places to go after work to blow off steam..
-After all is said, I will make the business owner feel as if he/she done me a HUGE favor and that I was very fun to talk with and easy going..

Now, I know what most of you are thinking.. "what does this have to do with you getting new business for Internet marketing??"...
Well this is where I go for the kill!...(figuratively speaking)

The Owner now sees me as a new friend and feels like they did their part in welcoming me to the "neighborhood". So I offer to return the kindness by slowly explaining what brought me to this city and what kind of work im into.
At this point, your service sells itself. You already build up credibility and rapport with the business owner so when you go into detail about what you do, you can mold it around their current situation..(this is where all that research comes in handy.)
At the end of everything they will be asking you, "Can this work for my business?" Once you hear those words, it's a WRAP!!
Now you just tell them what you could do for them, ask them if there's anything else they need, and return later with a proposal..
They're gunna feel like this all happened by chance and glad you came when you did, but truth is, you planned this all along and it executed flawlessly..

So you wanna know how it turned out for me??

Business card #1- The plastic surgeon:

Wanted a website redesign along with monthly SEO/PPC
I quoted him $5,000 upfront costs and $2,600/month (and this was my beginner monthly package). He signed right after the proposal was given.

Business card #2- The lawyer

Had a lead capture landing page that wasn't converting. I offered to redesign the lead capture page and do monthly PPC campaigns..
I quoted her $3,000 upfront and $1,900/month

Business card #3- The second-hand shop for new mothers:

Already had a pretty decent websited already, just needed some promotion.
I offered PPC/SEO on a monthly retainer. We're still in negotiations on the pricing so Im waiting on an agreement with her.
But she did invite me out to an event this weekend which im pretty sure I can either close the deal there, or find potential clients through her network of friends..(I'm sneaky as they

So the moral of the story??

Continue to think outside the box and come up with ways to catch prospects off balance. Don't approach them about business first. Engage in a conversation with your prospect, become interested in what they have to say and make them feel as if you're bonding.. And once they are done talking about themselves, it is now your turn so sell yourself!!

Hope this helps to inspire some of you that are on the fence about offline marketing. The first one is always the hardest, but the rest is all downhill from there.

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    Nice work! Keep your eyes open out there. Opportunity is there, we just have to work for it.
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    Nicely done!
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        Total BS. You have posted this same post in every other forum.
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    A friendly face beats a flyer any day of the week.

    Nicely played sir.

    PS: Send them a nice bottle of liquor for the holidays with a thank you card and some pretty SEO statistics, and they'll be yours forever.
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    Nice story

    Very impressed with how you just walk in out the blue and compelled a plastic surgeon and a lawyer to shoot the breeze with you and tell you all about the city.

    Seems like for most people they would have just looked at them crazy or referred them to the city's website.
    You must be a very friendly person that oozes likeability and compels trust.

    I cannot wait to read about your other exploits and hope to get some tips from you.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    I knew from the title....


    The key is to go into a place to eat... find advertisements... go to the offices of those who advertise... lie to them about being new in the area... mislead them into thinking you want to be friends... and then sell to them?

    Good plan.

    Now... back to reality. Things don't work that way, and your story telling skills need to be improved.

    These tactics really disgust me.

    Don't bring up business if the intention of your visit is business related? Why the HELL do you go to a LAWYER, PLASTIC SURGEON, and 2nd hand shop for new mothers? To be friends? To ask about the area? Creeper... You probably needed the lawyer because of an issue at the new mother shop, and after the mob of angry women viciously attacked you for being a creeper you needed plastic surgery. See? That is a story that is more realistic.

    For the people about to be mislead by this so obviously fabricated STORY... If your intention is to grow your business and you want to talk to people that might be a good fit, then bring up business. If you want to find a buddy to rock a rainbow tattoo with you at a gay pride parade to show how friendly you are.. then try to be friends.

    The truth is, you will get more business by being straight forward than beating around the bush.

    Another truth is, those that are hesitant to use your services, ask them why? BE DIRECT.

    REAL Business owners do not want to waste time. Be direct, to the point, and if you have something that can save them money, make them more money, or solve a problem for you, they will be more likely to pay you.
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    If what you claim works. Which I know it doesn't.

    I have a better idea.

    Walk in to a business and tell them that they are mandated by law to buy the services you offer or they stand to lose their business license. Now go make some money.

    I have no idea what the purpose of posting these useless and obviously fake success stories is.
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    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    haha this is why 99% of people reading the offline forum will never take action or succeed. they have unreasonably high expectations and expect to just go out and get a $2k/month client. i just went full time and i have been doing this part time for almost 9 months now. i promise to you that i haven't even COME CLOSE to landing a $2k a month client.

    BUT.. this does not mean it isn't possible. it just means that I haven't done it.
    Local Client ARMAGEDDON Free Facebook Group: KILLER new local client consulting education group. Watch my live stream: Listen to me COLD CALL to sell/rent my Exterminator website. Join the Facebook group for the link and to watch past Live Prospecting replays. I share my spreadsheets, Powerpoints, contracts, and other files so you can learn how to CLOSE DEALS!
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