... "but don't you want to see what I can do???"

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I had a great meeting yesterday. Someone had recommended me to meet with a director of a company.

They were doing well, but their website was really bland and they thought they should liven it up and increase the conversions on there.

We spoke for about an hour and a half. I asked him a load of questions. We drew on the wall. He told me how passionate he was about growing the business.

All I did was ask questions... and these were questions that the other company that came to see him before me didn't ask.

In fact, they spent quite a bit of time telling the guy how good they were...

Did he give a crap? No...

He wanted help growing his business.

I got the design work!! Wooooop...

But then..

As I was about to leave, I said to him "oh, do you want to see some of my previous work"...

"No" he said "I trust you"

So, next time you spend hours on that great presentation you plan on showing the world. Have a think about the guy you're going to show it to.
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    >>All I did was ask questions

    Which can roughly be translated into, "I gave a presentation that was essentially all about the client, and what I could do for him/her"

    Well done!
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    Good one. Thanks for sharing.
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      That is great!

      So what do you think were the most important 2 questions you asked in your meeting? ...I mean most important in the director's mind assuming he maybe gave you enough feedback for you to know which ones he liked.
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    Nice one Chris,

    This is really so true and has happened to me a ton of times. The prospects care about themselves we all know that but because of pressure to close we think showing off how good we are can close the deal... well it doesn't always and can even ruin a good close.

    On the other hand some prospects desperately want to see what you've done whether they know what they are looking at or not, they ask for it... so you have to be prepared for that to. Now, the key phrase there is "they ask for it", I've come to realize after so many presentations that unless they ask, it is safe to keep out samples, portfolios and trial runs etc. Sometimes that stuff just derails the convo and sometimes stuff breaks and could make you look stupid and ruin your close.

    So I agree with Chris, keep the simple not-so secret psyche of any convo in mind when trying to get a sale and you will usually get it... the not-so secret psyche? It's about the current prospect, not you or your past clients. Keep it all about them as much as possible (like 100% of the time if possible) and you will usually leave smiling or even better laughing to the bank!

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