small amount of large paying clients vs large amount of small paying clients

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Big client of mine started kicking off about why the leads decreased (due to Google fluctuations). Previously the last guy that did SEO, he got the site mid ranking but based on his link building method, it was never really going to go any further.

So I've started doing real link building but his rankings has slipped slightly. I've was on email for 3 hours today justify/explaining my work. In my experience with SEO, the site has the initial rise, then tanks and then comes back higher. We're 4 months into the SEO campaign and it's tough constantly having to defend your position as the "SEO expert"

What it's got me thinking is that, maybe its not such a bad idea of having lots of small accounts (and dealing with the issues) and not having such a big dent in the account if one were to drop out. If he were to stop services, it would really affect my business.

In theory, small amount of large paying clients is best as less headaches but if one drops out then it's a big loss, potentially. I guess it also depends what you mean by a large client and yes its all about getting the right client aswell. My business is new so, I need all the clients I can get so I can't really be picky.

Right now and the 3 hours spent stressing out, I think I'd prefer 15 clients paying £300 each (issues less complicated) than 4 clients paying £1000 each. The blow would be less painful if few were to drop out.

Discuss. What is your position on this?
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