Something I wanted to share (and ask) living 60 miles north of Aberdeen...

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...and 14 miles past the back of beyond.

I had a speaking gig last week at the society of advocates in Aberdeen (scotland).

The audience was a good mix of business owners in the professional services, technology, oil and gas industry, from across Aberdeen & shire.

I listened intently to the other 4 speakers, all good educational stuff.

My turn came, and I asked 3 questions (looking for a show of hands)

Do you know your current....

cost per sale?
cost per lead?
life time value of a customer?

Interestingly, it appeared that...

NONE of the assembled businesses knew the answer to any of the 3 questions.

Some other interesting stuff came to light...

Less than 20% were active on Linkedin or used online social networking as a real route to market or to win "advocacy" and referrals from peers, network connections or business contacts.

The majority exchanged their time for money and had no additional revenue streams other than the core "service" they provided.

None had created any digital products, or digital assets for syndicating online to demonstrate their expertise or to be used for pre-qualifying prospects, or list building purposes online or offline.

Some had been relying on large(ish) contracts which had since ended, some had been relying on referrals that had simply dried up and others on their own admission just werent as proactive as perhaps they should be with their marketing - online or offline.

Are you still finding/coming across "offliners" who just haven't "woken up" yet in your part of the world?

curious to find out.


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    Originally Posted by hayfj2 View Post

    Are you still finding/coming across "offliners" who just haven't "woken up" yet in your part of the world?
    Most of them don't have a clue, and the ones that do have a clue, usually

    have /do /understand it all wrong.

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