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I am developing a sales funnel through a squeeze page which I will promote using offline adverts. My question is this: Should the first OTO be a $7 product of my own, or a $99 affiliate product.

Would a $7 oto and $99 upsell still be too much? or should the upsell be $17 or $27 for example.
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    The best answer, of course, is to test.

    Anyway, the choice isn't about price as much as whether you should use your own content as a lead magnet. The answer is always "Yes". You are starting a relationship with the prospect. Affiliate products won't help you there. You need your own info product to establish that you have something to offer.

    As far as pricing upsells. I can't tell you about that, except that the product should still be written by you. After the first completed transaction (including upsells), then is when you start offering affiliate products.

    But pricing? I would guess that the $27-$39 range would fit a $7 report.

    Although Ryan Deiss has a $7 report that immediately upsells into a $99 a year subscription very successfully. I know, because I bought it.

    A series of $7 reports would allow you to have several doors for the prospect to get to your upsells. And then, once on your list, you can start with the affiliate products. Just remember though, that the prospect may be getting offers for the same affiliate products from multiple sources.

    I hope that helps.
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    What do you want to sell the most? Place that offer first
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    Originally Posted by garveyonweb View Post

    Would a $7 oto and $99 upsell still be too much? or should the upsell be $17 or $27 for example.
    Depends on its perceived value, wouldn't it? If it's $2,000 worth of great content, then $97 may be fair. If its $200 worth, then $97 may be too high.
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