What is the best way to market in small towns

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Most effective marketing techniques for small town businesses, why?
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    Originally Posted by Abusschaert View Post

    Most effective marketing techniques for small town businesses, why?
    One thing that can help out a lot is to become involved in your local chamber of commerce. Volunteer for leadership roles if/when available. You will become the guy to go to for all IM related issues.

    Depending on the size of your small town you might find another industry specific group to become involved with as well...assuming you have the time.
    95% of IM'ers have great relationships with clients who also advertise offline and with other people. Stop missing out on that cash and leverage into it. PM me if you are an established marketer and want to find out how.
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    Living 60 miles north of aberdeen, and 14 miles past the back of beyond, heres a few that I've tried and used that you may wish to consider...

    Depending on your product and target audience, you may want to consider speaking at FEMALE Community and Business Groups...

    1. local church group
    2. Woman's rural institute
    3. Mothers and toddlers
    4. Young Wives
    5. Art Group
    6. Chambers of Commerce
    7. Breakfast club
    8. Networking Club


    They may well be the mother, wife, granny, daughter, cousin or your target market, and may actually be the decision maker in the business/household or persuade, influence the actual decision maker and refer people to you, or give you testimonials and positive feedback for your website and promotional lterature.

    Also think about "professional advisers" like solicitor, accountant or IFA who serve many businesses in the community and ask them to refer you or sponsor an event.
    You could also ask them to insert an ad or "review" in their newsletter or ezine.

    One to definitely consider is linkedin for "local groups" as a post in the group will get sent to each member's inbox. There might be "local groups" within a wider footprint from the town where you live and "pull" more people in and create more awareness.

    Google maps / places is worth considering, and adding a video walk thru or talk thru containing local keywords in the title, description and tags, then use pingler.com to get it out. You should get your video on page 1 of google.

    Think of who the "big cheese" is and has a lot of influence locally and ask them out for lunch.

    Local people in a small town know everyone and talk about everyone especially if they appear in the local weekly newspaper or free ads paper. Just because you dont read it doesnt mean that your prospects or town's influencers don't. get some editorial or do a readers offer.

    And if you can, get a community radio announcement on (do it in form of a press release) and here in the UK, community tv is now taking off, and allows micro segmentation with real localisation. afterall they're starved for content with everyone publishing their own online, and could give you some excellent free pr - if you ask

    Hope that gets you thinking...
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      What is it you are selling?

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        Originally Posted by Irish Intuition View Post

        What is it you are selling?
        Trying to market a fishing charter service
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    Marketing depends on the type of products.
    Newspaper is perfect for all type of product marketing.
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    You have already received some good advice but just to sum it up..
    three words: Word of Mouth = WOM

    Small towns are just like boiling pots where everybody knows a little of the person sitting next to them. If some product or service is on fire they will make sure everybody knows about it.

    Still a double sword weapon but what marketing technique is not like that?
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    Try many different ways. Track results. Keep what works let go of what doesn't.

    The more ways you get the message out there the more likely it will be seen and acted upon.

    David Alger
    Thumbtack Bugle We Get the Word Out

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