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He folks,

As an aside to the web design business I am trying to launch...(phone line should be in next week for calling) I have picked up an seo/social media service site.

The plan is to drive traffic via Craigslist utilizing an outsource worker from Elance.

I know most folks here are pretty tight lipped on there exact CL posting strategies but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to weigh in on text ads vs. clickable graphics ads.

Before I set up a test run with the applicants, I need an ad for them to use.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts, suggestions, etc...

Thanks all
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    Thanks to Dan aka gettingon for some great craigslsit advice sent to my inbox.

    Is there any other suggestions or advice out there on whether you find text or image ads more effective.

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      Originally Posted by avandrunen View Post

      Thanks to Dan aka gettingon for some great craigslsit advice sent to my inbox.

      Is there any other suggestions or advice out there on whether you find text or image ads more effective.

      My pleasure my friend...anytime.

      “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

      ― Socrates

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    Where are you wanting to place ads on CL?

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
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      Depends on the call to action you want them to take.

      And that call to action should be just one.

      If you want them to pick up the phone,
      then just have the phone number.

      If you want them to get a Free Report Or book an audit online,
      then send them to those pages.

      Don't send them to a website where they have lots of options.

      Knowing those outcomes should drive your decision
      on text or clickable links.

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    I would do txt ads and clickable ads together. Texts ads are less likely to be flagged than clickable ads. As well as txt ads have more keywords. By using both you get everything
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    Thanks for the tips everyone...

    Just trying to put together a plan of attack on this venture...without detracting to much from my other.

    Time to put together some sales copy...well...time to learn to put together sales copy...
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      Hi there,

      Its better to image ads coz the ghosting issue is minimized. But if you want to put the ads in sales section other than appliance/car&trucks, its better to use text ads, there's a good chance sticking the ads. But if you do post image ads CL will automatically flag your ads after few hours, coz they don't tolerate image ads in Sale Section Nowadays. Its been like this after they modified the pic upload page.

      Anyway if you have any more queries feel free to contact me via skype: edctechglobal
      I can bring success to your internet marketing.
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    dodging your question... but I shared with a student a while back about selling leads instead of selling services if your having a hard time with the "selling part"

    He came back and said the he started posting CL ads with the tracking phone numbers and is having a lot of luck. You might try that as an addon?

    I haven't tried it yet myself so it could all be smoke and mirrors but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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    I've had impressive results using normal text ads, with graphic thumbnails of videos that link to youtube. Then my youtube videos squeeze them to my website.

    The basic gist is I educate them first, then provide a compelling offer. However, the compelling offer isn't to make a sell or even get a lead. Its to get them to my youtube video. Once they make that click, I know they're interested. So the video does the job of more educating, then ends with my real offer.

    Also, make it a habit of dropping tags in the bottom of your ads. Just hit the spacebar 5 times and put them all the way at the bottom. This will give your ads a longer life span.

    For instance, I have people still going to ads that I must have posted over 2 months ago, thanks to having the right tags in my ad. This is something very few people mention when it comes to CL. Obviously its smart to have your keywords in the copy, but its smarter to consider that many people won't be typing those exact keywords.
    Not to mention that its down right difficult to get all your needed keywords in 1 ad.

    Just focus on a unique ad, that delivers great value by giving people information, that can help them immediately. Compell them to go to a video. Then use the video to close them. Thats the way I've been doing it for a while now. You can also use compelling thumbnails too. Like in one of my ads for black mold, the thumbnail of my video is a medical picture of a persons lungs. You can barely make out arrows pointing to particles inside the lungs. But you can't make out what the labels on the arrows say.

    I did that on purpose. The mystery and fear compells people to immediately click on the thumbnail. Then I use various medical literature as a credibility anchor to compell people more. I do NOT try to scare people directly. As I present highly credible sources, I am careful to say things like "very few people have actually died from mold" etc etc. "But mold has been shown to cause attention deficit disorders, learning disorders, etc etc". This helps build trust and fear, while positioning me from a neutral standpoint. Its all about how you contrast things. Then at the end I position my offer.

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