My first e-commerce job.

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This week I was asked to overhaul an e-commerce website by a lady who'd set up a silver jewellery website that was generating very little traffic or conversions - Lintara Silver Jewellery Store

The first problem was obvious. She was currently using 'go xxxxx' as her host, which has terrible usability and limits the function of certain features if you don't live in the US.

So the first step - get a local domain name if you're promoting a local or national business. Google recognises local domains as being more relevant to generic .com's especially if it's a retail site.

In this case we went for the silver shop as it's a nice generic name industry name and already receives 1200 unique searches as a key phrase on google, per month. This will be great for generating free organic traffic.

Second step - if you're selling your products online there is one important thing above all else; the photo IS the product. If you can't make someone go crazy for desire with the photo, then chances are you lost them. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive, but it will allow you sell more products at higher margin.

Compare this shot to any example on the old website and you'll see it's no comparison. Images like these help give the illusion of big brand presence and will pull in far more traffic from sites like pinterest, flickr, facebook, tumbler.

Step 3 - Coming.
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