7 reasons why, when you're selling yourself offline, that prospects might not WANT to buy from YOU

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If you're not generating the business you want from your marketing activities, then maybe, just maybe...

1. They don't know you or trust you.

Give them a reason to want to get to know you, and give them a reason to trust you. Testimonials can help. A Money back guarantee can help. Offering a FREE trial or download can help. Start raising your profile, and visibility by blogging, writing articles, networking, attending events, exhibitions, hosting workshops etc. Be different. Offer something different. Stop offering features. Start offering real benefits. Do you empathise with your target audience, do you know the problems they have, and can you genuinely help them? Do you serve to help? Or do you serve to control? What tactics can you use to get people talking about you and referring you to others who need help in the area you specialise in?

2. They don't want what you are selling.

A toughie. If they don't want it - Don't push it. But if they need it, and they don't just recognise that they need it, think how you can demonstrate or prove the value you offer. Think how you can allow them to come to the conclusion that they have a need for what you offer - for the cost in not acting or choosing one of your solutions will be much more expensive in the long run.

You certainly don't want to waste time and money going to appointments to drink their coffee, waste their time and yours if it could have been decided hours, days or weeks ago whether they were interested in what you have to offer or not, and whether they need what you offer or not.

3. They won't pay what you want to charge them

Again, this is simply because they haven't recognised the value you offer. Calculate and demonstrate the opportunity cost, or the real cost in not acting. Calculate and demonstrate the saving or efficiency you offer, and/or the inefficiency, waste or spiralling cost or loss in not working with you.
Try this - Write down how much you want to generate in sales in the next 12 months - go on, write it down. Write down how much you want to earn in revenues in the next 12 months. Done it? OK, good, now write down what your annual revenue is now. Go on, write down what your annual revenue is now. Done that? Excellent.

Now Subtract your second answer from the first answer. That's how much you're losing or not generating now - How can you illustrate that point with your clients?

More importantly, how are you going to generate those revenues you want? Whats the plan for them, and what's the plan for you?

4. They just don't believe in you.

Then prove it. Demonstrate it. Give them reason to. Offer a sample, a puppy dog close - a FREE trial. See 3 above. Show them the hundreds of testimonials you have, or all the videos you have on You Tube, links to your previous blogs - so they can sample you, what you know, what you've achieved and what you believe in - People buy from people they like.

Your prospects want 3 things - Confidence. Progress and Results - so give it to them. Give them the confidence they crave - and that you can help them to achieve the progress and the results you offer. Quite often they simply don't know what it is they want because they don't where they're at, or where they've been, and thus they don't know where they're heading.

So why not help them do that - it starts by building confidence in your prospect's mind so that they can start to make progress and know that by working together will lead to even bigger and better results. Allow them to experience the help, guidance and support you offer, and how much you go the extra mile in order to nurture the relationship.

5. The timing isn't good.

Reschedule. Plan in advance. Illustrate and demonstrate the cost in not acting now. Introduce scarcity, limited stocks, impending price increase, delayed delivery times in not acting - Ask "why" the timing isn't good - to draw out the real reasons or objections and not just the excuses. Offer a discount to commit today, but accept delivery in 1,2 or 4 months time. Will the "timing" ever be right, will the cost of their pain increase in the meantime/interim? What was your answer in that little exercise in 3 above - how much of a gap is there where your prospects are now, and where they want to be, more importantly, do they know what they want
and know how you can help them achieve it?

6. They recognise the value, but they don't have the budget/money

Remind them of the cost in not acting. Introduce a discount for prepayment. Offer Split payment terms. Offer a Finance option, a Lease option, subtract or take away some of the value you offer, for a lesser offer or lesser price.

Ask them on a scale of 1-10 how serious they are wanting to solve the problem, and how much they can afford to lose or continue to lose compared to the price you charge. Why not offer them a 100% return on their investment, or a 100% money guarantee if not happy.

7. Un-Answered Questions

Un-answered questions prevent sales from happening, so draw out the questions in advance via a list of frequently asked questions on your website, pre-empt the questions durign your presentation by saying "you're probably wondering....well, what we do is....", Un-answered Questions can be eliminated by identifying the un-asked questions, and answering them before the prospect even thinks of them.

Un-answered questions are usually a lack of product knowledge or more importantly, a lack of belief in the product or lack of research in your customer's needs. More importantly, what questions have you forgotten to ask about your prospects, to ensure you qualify them thoroughly enough, so you dont waste their time, and they don't waste yours?

Hope that gets you thinking...

Any others you can add to the above?


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    All due respect, but your post should be "3 reasons why, when you're selling yourself offline, that prospects might not WANT to buy from YOU"

    Only #1, #4 and somewhat #7 apply to YOU (the seller). The others are factors out of the control of the seller.

    Best Sash...
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      Thanks for the feedback sash

      Forgive me, but lets take another look at how you might regain control of these 3 factors you mention....

      With regards to #2, unfortunately some people go straight into pitch mode, and doing their facts, features and benefits presentation, either online or in person on appointments. They spend no time pre-qualifying the prospect, so why spend the time selling to someone who doesnt want it. Unfortunately, there are many people who travel to appointments, and goto meetings without having full qualified the prospective customer to later discover they dont want it. A bit more prep, could have saved a lot of time, especially if an intermediary or referee triggered the meet. So it would be good practice for the seller to double check, and pre-qualify and firm up that they are interested before jumping in their car

      #5, If the timing isnt good, some people offer a buy now, pay later. Some offer a "lay away" scheme, others get the committment now, and agree the fullfilment later. Many don't think about splitting committment and payment, some don't differentiate between price and value. Some people get committment before an imminent price increase. I have one client already paid for coaching due to start in January 2013, as she didnt want to start in October. so if the timing isnt right, and you've addressed all the other issues - disscus "when" is convenient or appropriate and get the committment.

      #6 If they don't have the budget for your PLATINUM service, then get them signed up to your bronze package first Dealing with budget comes in four parts - cost, price, value and payment. You also need to discuss WHERE the budget is going to come from.

      For example, imagine you're trying to sell social media marketing consultancy into a firm. If different departments agree the milestones, metrics or KPIs to create an integrated reporting system and common social media objectives for each department then why not create an integrated budget by combining elements of each department’s budget for social media. Instead of the chap in sales saying "I have no money." - Involve the relevant people who it affects. (or who, non action affects)

      We all “rob Peter to pay Paul” on occasion, so RECOGNISE it, raise it, formalise it, legitimise it, and get the prospect tell you how they WILL find the budget. (Moreso, if you're already taking them through the "S.T.A.R.T. Selling" sales approach.

      In other words, just because they've got the ball, doesn't mean the game's over.

      Get ownership of the ball back, and address those 3 points above.

      Hope that makes sense.

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        What a great post and so true . I believe that if you can't give the best quality content for free you can never sell to the people that follow you .
        Building a personal blog is paramount to being successful online people want to get to know you as a person wheter that's as a business person or on a personal level.

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        "Learn how to create an info product within 7 days and ready for sale ."


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