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Hi, i uploaded a video to YouTube yesterday and it has been indexed by Google and is appearing in the search results.

However my problem is this - The title of the video is correct but the description is not. My video is displaying someone else's video description in the Google results. Anyone know why it would do this? When you click to watch you are taken to the correct video where my description is displayed.

If Google is not finding and displaying my seo'd description could it affect my ranking position. I don't really want to delete and start again but may have to as i don't want a someone else's description under my video which may affect the click through rate.
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    delete it, and re-upload it. Should only take 20 mins or so to get re-indexed.
    Use to promote the video url or "no hands seo".

    I had this recently, and just deleted it, and re-uploaded and it seemed to be fine.

    Better to redo it and get it right and for all the effort it will take.

    Especially if u cut n paste your title, desc and tags into notepad first

    Hope that helps

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  • Can you not just edit the video description... take the description out, paste in notepad and then re-paste into the description box and resave?

    Maybe try adding the video to a playlist and share it via G+, etc.

    Maybe doing that will be enough. Starting with a new URL may not be necessary. I would try that first.
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    I would edit the video description first. If that doesn't work delete and reupload.
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      Thanks for the replies, first i will take the suggestion of deleting the description and re-pasting it back in. If that doesn't work i'll have to delete the video and re-upload.
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    Yeah try redoing it first... It might take some time for Google to re-index it the second time.

    I have a website that I had redesigned FOREVER ago and Google still shows the old site in Chrome's thumbnail.
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