Going to make my first cold calls tomorrow, any tips?

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Hey Warrior Forum,

I have finally decided to quit playing around and start an actual business. I want to start dropshipping products from local companies in my area and am going to cold call a few of them tomorrow.

I've read some threads and came up with some sort of script for my calls. If someone could give me some feedback or give me some tips on how to make my calls go well that'd be amazing!

The Script

If at any time the response is negative, the call ends, obviously.

If there's a "gatekeeper"
Me:Hello, my name is Tejabuu, could you put me through with the person in charge of marketing? I'd like to talk to him or her about a business opportunity.

Me:Hello, my name is Tejabuu and I would like to make you an offer that you can only make money on, can I have two minutes of your time to talk you through it?

Business Owner:Yes sure, go ahead.

Me:I am interested in selling your products on primarily the internet with a commission that is purely based on results. This means that you'll only have to pay me if and when I actually make a sale hence why you can only make money on my offer. I normally do this in the following way. A customer buys something in my webshop for X amount of money. When the customer has paid I sent you the details of the customer and pay you a pre-determined sum of money. After that you send the product to the customer and deal with customer service.

Business Owner:Sounds good..

Me:Okay, great, could we maybe make an appointment to talk things through in more detail, still without any obligations for you, of course.

Make appointment, close call

Any input is greatly appreciated,

P.S. I think this fits best in the Offline Marketing Discussion Forum since my question is about cold calling, not dropshipping in particular. If it's not, I am truly sorry.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Your script sounds very outdated. But try it and see how it goes.

      You can also have a look at these:



      To be treated differently, you must sound different.
      Thanks a lot for the videos. I watched one of your videos on beginning a call earlier, I thought it was really good.

      If I may ask, what kind of products or services do you actually sell by cold calling? And how would you go about selling things like closets or motorcycles?
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        Originally Posted by Tejabuu View Post

        Thanks a lot for the videos. I watched one of your videos on beginning a call earlier, I thought it was really good.

        If I may ask, what kind of products or services do you actually sell by cold calling? And how would you go about selling things like closets or motorcycles?
        Do you mean closet organizers?

        And motorcycles?

        Both consumer goods. One a little more pricey than the other. You aren't going to sell either of these over the phone...or at least, it's very unlikely. But you can qualify and schedule an appointment or test drive.

        What are your prospects' pain points? I'll steer you in the right direction.

        Closet organizers: people who own their homes...maybe recently moved in...frustrated with the lack of organization their current space allows...who have a high need for precision...

        Motorcycles: easiest to sell to people who already own one...figure out what the 'seven year itch' is for these guys and gals, and exploit (ie. get the dealership's list of every customer who bought 5 years ago if that's the itch cycle, and call 'em up...people who want the joy and fun of buying and riding a new motorcycle...and are missing that feeling right now...

        Your job on these calls is to sort. Separate those who are experiencing these issues from those who are not, and book appointments. For the closet organizers, site visits to measure and build value. For the motorcycles, to test drive and qualify further.
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    I read your "proposed" call script and find it every... outdated and long.

    You are talking a bit too much and along the way to finishing your script your prospect may become uninterested, even if you are proposing a way for them to make more sales.

    Add a part in your script to where you can ask if they have ever considered selling online. If they have are were not successful, what were the issues they had? If they currently are not marketing their products online, can you do it for them? Can you find out and fix what they couldn't do in when they did try to sell online?

    Jason Kanigan was right when he said for you to find out what your prospect's pain points are. It will really put you in the right direction as to how you should approach them and what you should be offering them.
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    If you listen to this, you will find some success- if you dont, then its not because I didnt tell you.

    1: Dont overthink it.
    2: Know ahead of time that 90% are going to not be interested, and be okay with that, dont let it stress you, let the numbers do the work and take the stress, not you.
    3: Be freindly and non threatening. Take it mellow.
    4: Just keep smoothly dialing, not being thrown by anything. Stay on a pleasant even keel, dont let your anxious thoughts start going crazy, and putting stress in your voice.
    5: Your number will come up and you will hit something...

    Find a nice feeling vibe..., not a stressed one, feel it, and ride it through your whole call session steadily, again on an even keel... you will see what happens.

    Use that advice- HIT SOMETHING- dont overthink it...then once you have proven to yourself that the business is there, go into self development mode and master the art, and learn all the little things that increase conversion, but for now...do the above. You may surprise yourself. It all begins with knowing that the business is THERE.

    Even if you did it with a motorcycle, eventually you will dial some guy is is dying to get one, very passionately... You will eventually find a prospect.

    Its numbers. Thats why these direct mail guys dont just send out 15 flyers to get a few sales...they send out THOUSANDS.

    Most people think its a cop out to depend on the numbers...I think its smart though....You can be mellow and break records while others struggle and talk until veins are sticking out of their head, if you just understand the numbers and that the business IS THERE!

    You wont stress, you will put all the stress on the laws... they will do the work while you just press the keys and say hello.

    Thats the simplest, most SURE guaranteed way I can tell you to make something happen.

    Dont stress yourself...you may not believe it yet, but these things are called law for reasons.... Let them do what they do, and dont stress yourself. Be friendly and dial, thats all they need to do their thing.

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