How to find a motivated / confident sales guy?

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Hey Warriors, so I'm in a bit of a pickle... I have a great, easy to sell offer (but hey, I would think that), and I need someone who knows how to present themselves as 'a helpful adviser', to bring in the sales in exchange for a healthy commission.

Any suggestion on where I can find one of these souls, would be greatly appreciated.

You'll have my thanks.

Edit: You might be wondering why I don't make the 'easy sales' myself? I do. I'd prefer to focus my time on other parts of the business and have someone else manage the telesales side of things.
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    create a personal profile, job description and what you're offering and list it in a niche sales group on linkedin. that might help.

    use the linkedin search facility to help you find the relevant sales/selling groups.

    hope it does

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  • Here in NYC I found 2 reliable "professional sales reps" that do all the foot work
    for us locally. Give Craigslist a shot put up a paid advertisement. Good luck!

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    I agree about using LinkedIn and Facebook. I've found that it's not always a matter of where you look but how good you are at spotting talent
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    Is there any way you can ask your past customers if they know of anyone that could help out. a quick email etc ? they already know and must be happy with the product. maybe that might not work here without knowing the product?
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    Thanks for your suggestions guys, much appreciated.
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    I'd prefer linkedIn as well, There are thousands of professional members working for big Firms.
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    If it
    1. Easy
    2. Pays well
    3. Can be done part time to start

    It should be easy to get a rep. All you have to do is show them the income potential and if they are not sold just tell them to try it part time while keeping their current sales job. Once they see it is easier and pays better than their current job they are all yours.

    As for finding these people you can recruit while shopping and place ads just like any other business that is hiring. The more professional you and your business looks the more likely you are to find a superstar.

    But to get a superstar the earning potential has to be there.

    $30k/yr? That's base pay at real sales jobs.
    $50k/yr? That is what "ok" sales people make.
    $100k/yr? A young superstar will be interested
    $200k/yr? Getting warmer
    $500k/yr? This kind of potential will draw in some major winners but personally I'd rather target the young superstars. if the job has this much potential advertise it as $100k+ first year potential.
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    this is probably isn't going to help you because it requires some time put into it, but seriously if you want a super motivated, highly trained person to go out selling for you like it's his only mission in life, you'll need to hire a kid with no experience and train them.

    An ad with the headline of "sports minded individuals" or something to that effect will pull in a lot of 23-30 year olds that are going nowhere in life right now but in their teenage years were 'jocks' and such.

    These people are highly competitive and often are good at following instructions and being coached on what exactly to do. You just have to train them to do what you say and provide them very simple steps to follow. They're not afraid to talk to people and they'll often take pretty big financial risks to keep the 'dream' alive, so you don't have to worry about them flaking out when they have a sh*tty first week or two.
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