"Here's why monthly mastermind groups and coaching programs are usually not enough..."

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Hey Offliners,

I realize that saying that monthly mastermind groups and coaching programs are usually not enough may seem controversial, but let me prove it to you.

Let me ask you a few questions...

Who do you think would have the best chance for success...

...the marketing consultant who studies and rewrites proven and successful copy by hand for 30 minutes per day or the marketing consultant that reads a couple of copywriting books a few times a year?

...the marketing consultant who posts free or low-cost ads in their towns local newspapers every day or the marketing consultant who posts ads once per month?

...the overweight person who works out 30 mins per day every day of the week or the overweight person who works out once per month?

...the couple who meet once per month to express their love to one another or the couple who finds five minutes every day to express their love to one another.

See, unless there is some type of divine intervention or a once in a lifetime lucky break that bends the principles of the universe, the answers to all the examples I listed above seem super obvious, don't they?

It's fairly straight forward.

The marketing consultant that posts ads daily and finds time each day to study and rewrite great copy and ads by hand tends to write much better ads and get more clients.

The person who excercises every day tends to lose more weight and become healthier.

The married couple that finds time on a daily basis to express their love in some way tend to have a healthier marriage.

Well, the same is true for 99% of monthly coaching or mastermind programs.

The monthly meetings are great for:
  • Helping you generate innovative ideas.
  • Teaching you concepts on a deeper level.
  • Connecting with other like-minded people.
  • Keeping you encouraged.
However, that's very different from having a daily accountability partner to keep you on track.

Seems obvious that they have different goals now that I've pointed it out, doesn't it.
But, when it comes to your offline business does the difference about what it takes to succeed also seem as obvious?

Does it seem obvious to you that you need to send daily emails to prospects, make daily phone calls, mail letters daily or set up appointments daily?

And if it does seem obvious, why don't most aspiring offline marketers and consultants do it?

The answer is simple.

Even after we have vision and purpose, most of us still need someone to hold us accountable and hold our feet to the fire of success.

We need a accountability partner.

Not just someone to listen to once a month on a conference call. Not just someone who sends us a cd and a newsletter once a month.

And most certainly not a group of someone's to attend a conference (aka pitch fest) with once a year.

And in most cases, you don't need a accountability partner on the "good days."

It's the bad days. The days you don't "feel" like doing the work. The days when you'd rather watch all the past seasons of Lost rather than call leads.

The days where you'd rather buy another wso or $2,000 product instead of sticking to the daily success map you've already planned out.

Those are the days you need someone to take you by the hand and politely turn you around and give you a swift kick in the butt.

The lack of a accountability partner is one of the main reasons why noble, honest and morally sound presidents, generals and senators find themselves cheating on their spouses, stealing money from their campaigns and lying so easily.

They don't have someone to hold them accountable for their daily success actions. They are on a island without some to answer to for weeks and months at a time.

See, in order to be successful in your offline business you need someone to help you make sure that on today, December 5, 2012, you do the specific things that you've already mapped out and agreed would help you reach your goals.

That's why professional athletes have other groups of professional athletes that they train with.

It's also why those same athletes all have coaches.

And it's why those same coaches also have general managers.

They don't just have a group of friends or folks they simply hang with that just listen to their problems and give them good success strategies.

There is definitely a time and a place for that, but there's also a time and a place for your accountability partner to look you in the eye and tell you that today you're off track.

See, the key to success in your offline business is the daily action part.

And for most offline marketers, that's where we fail ourselves. That's why you must have a accountability partner there to catch you before you fall too far.

I would rather limit myself to one bad day rather than slipping into having a bad month. It's funny to say, but a good accountability partner will help you limit your self-destruction.

So, instead of spending more money on training courses, why not find a accountability partner who will hold you accountable for implementing what you already have.

Helping you succeed in your marketing practice,


P.S. I forgot to mention this earlier, but in most cases having your spouse be your accountability partner when they don't understand what you do or will simply let you off the hook, doesn't work either.

P.P.S. Notice that in the examples above, that I say "tend to". That's because there are no guarantees of success but there are just greater or lesser chances for success or failure.
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    Your right the only key to sucess is action eventually you will find someting that works for you just gotta keep trying good post by the way OP
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    I'm confused by your headline.

    "Here's why monthly mastermind groups and coaching programs are usually not enough..."

    I woud have thought any coach worth his salt would hold his clients accountable , and them - him.

    I would also have thought the same of any good quality mastermind group, with the group holding each member accountable.

    Otherwise why hire a coach, or join a mastermind group?

    You then go on to talk about having an accountability partner.

    I have missed something.


    - just saying.

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      Hey Fraser,

      You raise a good point.

      It sounds like you wouldn't have a problem holding your coach responsible to you and holding yourself accountable to your coach, so that may work for you.

      However, most coaching and mastermind programs are not designed for you to report your daily actions and results to. That's what I'm talking about.

      If you tried to do that with a regular group coaching program or group mastermind, it wouldn't work.

      Your daily log wouldn't be reviewed on a daily basis because that requires a different level of committment that would have to be agreed to beforehand by the coach or the members of the mastermind.

      Now, just being completely honest, I wouldn't want members of my mastermind sending me daily reports on their actions and results.

      However, I am perfectly willing to do that for my accountability partner because we agreed to it.

      Now that I think about it, I probably should've been more specific and said group coaching may not be enough. If you're hiring a individual coach that works with you 1-on-1, then I don't see why daily action tracking couldn't be part of the program.

      Anyone else have a perspective on this?

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    I'm not sure I follow you either Chris.

    All of my business coaching clients are great at holding themselves accountable. They hired me because their bills and their dreams hold them accountable.

    And group coaching is a great place to hold people accountable. At each meeting or call you have each person tell their progress on the objectives. If they are behind, there is great social pressure, and also encouragement, to catch up. I have found that coaching clients LOVE to help each other out.

    Now, I might get after them a bit if they fall behind, just to keep things moving. But this is why they pay me more than a few hundred dollars. Most of the time, I don't have clients who need much motivating. Maybe I just don't attract that type.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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    Having an accountability partner is a great idea for those that need it.

    In our mastermind groups we meet up once a week and each week we set goals for the coming week, and review our goals last week and review with one another how we done.

    For the 6 days between one mastermind group and another we do have a buddy or partner who's responsibility is to hold us accountable.

    But we do not do daily reviews. What we do at the most is call each other twice a week, but usually only once a week other than the mastermind group.

    So if our mastermind was on Sunday, the first call with our buddy would be on Tuesday and then the next call would be Friday.

    I personally think that if you need someone to hold you accountable daily then that is not much different than them holding your hand, and if you need that, then you probably shouldn't be trying to start up a business.

    Yes there are those who might need help to be held accountable, but I think the relationship between the mastermind members, how they interact, motivate and inspire one another, and hold each other accountable to your own goals, projects, etc is more important than how many times you need to meet.

    So having someone who helps hold you accountable is a good idea, but needing them to be there daily for you I think is too much.
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    As I wrote this post, I knew that I was offering a different perspective on coaching than most.

    For those coaches who may disagree with what I'm saying here, I ask you to do two things:

    1. Ask your clients or survey your list. That's what I did. It really opened my eyes to what was going on with my clients. While some were great with once a month meetings, most felt that once was not enough and two-four meetings a month was ideal. That's just one of the things I learned.

    If you ask your clients if they would want the option to submit their daily progress reports to you so that you can review them and make sure they're on track to hit their weekly goals, some will say no, but more will likely say yes.


    There are several reasons for this, but let me present one. It has to do with the type of person who hires a coach in the first place. Usually they've done the inner reflective work to know their strengths and weaknesses.

    They know things about themselves that the average Joe doesn't ever take the time to articulate about themselves.

    So, while they are not slackers in the general sense, they'll already know that they have a tendency to get off track and end regretting it, so when a opportunity is presented to them to "help themselves" by having someone to hold them accountable, most of the self-aware folks will say yes.

    But, don't take my word for it. Suspend your disbelief for a few minutes and ask your clients.

    2. Consider the 80/20 rule. If that rule holds true, then 20% of your coaching clients are perfectly happy with what they're getting, but the large majority may need a little more.

    No, the super-motivated and high achievers will most likely not need or want daily accountability, but there are always folks who are fighting to get to that next level and they can't quite seem to break through.

    Those are the folks who represent the 80%. I know when I was struggling (and still struggle from time to time) I drill down to the daily actions, habits and results level to see what's going wrong.

    That's how I came to the conclusion of needing a accountability partner. Someone to catch me before I wreck the train, waste too much time or make a monumental mistake.

    Also, it seems that some have a issue with the daily submission of goals and results. Not the concept of accountability itself. That's a little odd, as I'm sure that we all understand that the little daily habits we build have lifelong consequences.

    Once again, don't take my word for it. You can just take a quick glance at books by guys who have studied successful people and habits for decades in the self-improvement industry like John Maxwell - Today Matters, Jeff Olson - The Slight Edge, The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy.

    I don't believe daily accountability is too much or says that you're lazy or anything like that. If anything, it says you value your time too much too waste it going in the wrong direction.

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