How I get local clients (EXACT letter with 10% conversion rate)

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Since I no longer do local marketing, I thought I would help some people out and give away my client getting direct mail letter.

This letter is written for a dentist, but you can easily tweak it for any profession.

I used this numerous times, and everytime I sent it out I would get at least 3 phone calls for every 30 letters I mailed.

Here's the process I used:

Go to your local phonebook (yes they still exist) and write down the address of each of the dentists in your area that have decent sized ads.

Put their name, and address on a regular envelope (hand written). This will get it past the secretary since they think its a personal letter.

Put the direct mail letter inside with a $1 attached to the top (Halbert's famous tactic). Make sure you customize each letter with the dentist's name on it.

For about $45 I could get 3 serious phone calls with 3 different Dentists who were interested in working with me on local lead gen. That's a pretty good investment.

Here's the local lead gen letter that I wrote and used for all of this. Enjoy!

- Justin
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    The link is bad.

    Yes, by the way, I AM in the Witness Protection Program. I could tell you who I am but then I would have to kill you.

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    The link is no good.
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      If I was a dentist I would go for that without even taking a second thought :p

      Any hints for us as to how you were bringing them those 10 free/strong leads in such a short amount of time?
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        Originally Posted by Trent English View Post

        Any hints for us as to how you were bringing them those 10 free/strong leads in such a short amount of time?
        +1 for that question. Would like to know as well.
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          I have a hard time opening up the link.. I am curious though, Thank you

          edit: saw the updated link. Thanks!
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          Originally Posted by jrod014 View Post

          +1 for that question. Would like to know as well.
          I have a really good guess as to what it might be, but I am curious to see if I am right! There aren't many things I can think of that would bring that amount of business in over a 48 hour period.
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          Originally Posted by jrod014 View Post

          +1 for that question. Would like to know as well.
          +2. How did you do it?
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      Originally Posted by Aaron Doud View Post

      Here is the correct link. He posted it in another thread.
      This ain't right; more people thanked your post for providing the working link to the op's letter, than thanked the op for providing it.

      But having said that, thanks for the good link!
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    I've received the same exact style letter with the dollar stapled to the top.

    I get them often because I'm a veteran and the sender wants me to refi my VA loan.

    Glad to see it works for you.

    How do you gain the data for the leads?

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    The letter looks great, you think it could be used for emailing also or is it to long?
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      At the time I was doing Facebook ads to a lead gen page for the dentists. Worked well for the ones who had a sales person on staff who could close.

      Also did a few re-activation campaigns for them on their old patients. This was like shooting fish in a barrel. Super easy to get them to come back in for a free teeth whitening offer. That was direct mail.
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    This sounds like a combination of a Dan Kennedy or Jay Abraham letter along with a Shoe Money method for getting results for the dentist. Very nice and thanks for sharing. I could see this being modified for alot of different niches.
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      Now if only i could get about 1 million marketers all using this tactic to send me a dollar, i could quit
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    It's some like 7878 method shared on BHW, but little more words, Anyway Thanks for the method.
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    Thanks for the email, it's a great share. You were marketing to dentists and it reminded me of a time about 20 years ago when I couldn't afford to have some root planing done. I got the yellow pages out in St. Paul, MN and started calling dentists. Within 15 minutes I found a dentist willing to trade dental work for a software program since he didn't have one yet. How lucky was that! 15 minutes and he took care of my teeth for over 4 years including a major bridge, until I moved out of town! It took me about 4 weeks to do the programming, and it was well worth it.
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    Thanks, lead-gen ideas are always appreciated!

    Living Life By Design, Not By Default --me

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    Thank you for sharing this nice idea! Just curious is it legal (or illegal) to put real money into letter and send through post office?

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    thanks for the wonderful content!

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    Another idea is a letter on Yellow Lined Paper. Recently I was speaking to someone about the letters on Yellow Lined Paper and he said that he had been using it successfully for years but recently stopped because it was getting expensive. He said that his calls just stopped. He was frantically trying to regroup and gain back the ground that he lost. This was one of many calls like this that I have taken. I do agree that the letters on Yellow Lined Paper produce leads, but to address the concern about whether it produces sales is the question. This really depends on your strategies for the conversion process. Are you a good closer or are you just another guy in the pack of guys going after the same piece of business? The letters on Yellow Lined Paper will get your piece to the “A” pile of mail and actually get it opened first, but for action to take place the what’s next component must be addressed. Have you enclosed a business card or given the person some incentive to call you? Are you driving them to a landing page or free report that engages them? Will they get a second and third touch? OK…some of you are saying, “I just want the guy who is ready to sell his house.” That’s great, but remember this person is getting hammered with many messages. What will set you apart? What will set you apart is the personal touch. A hand written font like the “Andrea” font helps, but the language that you use to communicate is more important. Does your letter reach out and virtually shake the prospects’ hand? Does it introduce you or your services? Does it EXPLAIN why you chose to use the Yellow Lined Letter? Wow…never thought of that, did you? The greater the ticket or more lengthy the process the more you need to focus on the trust-based aspect to your marketing techniques. People don’t want to be sold. They want a problem to be solved. Here is why the letters on Yellow Lined Paper and hand written font (including copy enhancements) work, they are wrong. The person’s brain receiving the Letter on Yellow Lined Paper views it as wrong.
    Look what Psychology Today says about this:
    It turns out that there are two typical brain responses to mistakes. One looks like a "wake up call." The brain hones in on the negative outcome, and treats it like a problem that needs solving. What happened, and why? The brain also increases its attention during the next decision, as if it is trying to prevent a repeat of the mistake. When this happens, people are much more likely to improve their performance and learn from the mistake.
    The second brain response looks more like a shutting down. The brain reacts to the negative feedback itself as a threat. To escape feeling bad, or doubting one's abilities, the brain chooses to not think about the mistake. Interesting, people whose brains show this shutting down response pay much more attention to positive feedback.
    So…once you have captured the attention of the audience, provide the positive personal feed back that is needed and response will increase.
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      Still not reading that.

      Question for the OP:

      How did you decide which "one" dentist in Columbus to work with if you were getting three calls for every 30 letters?
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        Strait to the point, should work well. In Canada we only have loonies, guess I could attach a $5 bill:confused:
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