Better Ad V's better marketing plan?

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Here's what I've found from all the paid consultations I've given...

Virtually all need a better marketing plan than a better ad.

And ironically they come to me for the better ad.

So here's a few tips/checklist to get better results from all of your marketing

1 Who is your ideal client

2 What is their biggest frustration that nobody is addressing?

3 What will be the best method to reach them?

4 What is your business model as far as first service price point,
upgrades, options?

5 Have you got measurements in place so you know what is and isn't working
and optimize more?

Those are 5 solid foundations.

Chunk down each of those 5.

Each individual situation is different,
so no cookie-cutter answer and method
gives you the fire-power you need.

An example, a 28 year veteran of direct response copywriter was stuck when his client's competition was using the "Don't Buy x Until You Get Answers To X" ad in a extremely competitive field. Obviously a new method to counter it and and the rest of the field is needed.

The answer came from number 2 in the checklist.
Now he's calling me a "genius"!

So think through those 5 areas and yes,
thinking is the hardest work you have to do.

As the late Jim Rohn would say,

"Don't wish for things to get better, work harder on yourself"

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