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I've been searching for ROI calculators
because if we can show them where the money is,
we'll close more deals and at higher fees.

For the choice of framing it is as a gain or loss,
I'd frame it as a loss.

Can you add other ROI calculators here for us all to benefit?


ROI Calculators
conversion rates and shopping cart drop off

marketing roi calculator
mail and email

Free Website ROI Calculator (Google Spreadsheet) | Smashing Magazine
website general calcultor

Website Optimization ROI Calculator | ClickZ
more in depth website optimization roi calculator
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    I Agree.

    Educating the client on ROI is huge. Most just sell the sizzle and not the results.

    This will also help to better retain clients. Once they understand ROI and see the value of what they are getting they tend to stay clients for a long time.
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      LTV usually stands for loan-to-value when it comes to calculators but searching for "lifetime value" calculator, I found this tool;

      Customer Lifetime Value Tool

      Hope it can be of use for you,

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        Originally Posted by Vikuna2009+ View Post

        LTV usually stands for loan-to-value when it comes to calculators but searching for "lifetime value" calculator,

        built a tool that builds in ltv and combines it with adwords value to calculate value to clients that can be used to value almost any service as such.

        it's a freebie (or donation to warrior your choice) and almost forgot about it but a few thanks emails over the last few days have jolted the grey cells / enjoy
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    I have a plugin on my site that I got from the WSO section.
    I don't remember what it was called or who it was from.
    I may come back and update this.

    But, I did find a free calculator plugin.

    WordPress › CalculatorPro Calculators « WordPress Plugins

    Check out numbers 197 and 212.

    There are even some niche specific calculators that clients could use.
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