Best/most professional way to append business card to book?

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Hey guys,

I want to attach my business card to the inside cover of my book and hand books out at local networking events. What is the most professional way to accomplish this? My business card is clear and plastic, so stapling is out of the question. Plus, I'd like it so that the business card can be peeled off by the prospect if needed.

I thought about using tape, but I feel like that is not very professional. Plus, regular tape can cause the book page to tear. The ideal level of stickiness would be what's found on Sticky Notes, so I guess what I'm looking for are "clear double-sided sticky notes". Searches on Google didn't turn up anything that fit the description, though. Most products I've found are heavy duty ones used for mounting stuff onto the wall.

Do you guys know of any products that fit the bill of what I'm looking for? I'm open to other ideas as well.

Thanks in advance,
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    Sticky type of options may not be so good.

    Why not paperclip your card to the first page of the book?

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    Have you ever got a coupon in the mail that was attached to the flyer? That semi stick clear product is what you need. I'm not sure what it is called but a local printer should have it.
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    what i prefer to do is go into large book shops and find books on marketing, starting a business and personal devleopment/spiritual development and INSERT my business card into those books that people are buying.

    I remember standing in a book shop in Inverness, and a woman took a book from the Spiritual development section. She opened the book, and my card fell to the floor.

    She picked it up saying to her friend "wow,this card has manifested itself into my life, it must be a sign. I must call this guy."

    I just sat on the sofa slurpping my ginger starbucks....giggling to myself.

    onwards and upwards.

    Hope that gets you thinking.


    p.s. I also know a chap called Mark lee. He got his business cards done in the shape of book marks, and created a url for his speaking gigs - catchy.

    p.p.s then there was the optician who approached his local city library and gave a dnation of 10,000 bookmarks. Not so daft. The last thing all those book borrowers subliminally read was the name of his business on those book marks in their books every night. the last message going under the radar into their brain as they closed their eyes and relaxed - was that optician's name and address - EVERY NIGHT.
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      Wonderful ideas, everyone. Thank you very much.

      I especially love the bookmark idea. That will be my next step - getting custom bookmarks made to go with my book. What a great idea this is! It complements a book so well. I envision a clear, plastic bookmark with a little "clip" of sorts so that it won't fall out easily.

      I also love the idea of putting my business card or bookmark into books in the store. One question though - if the store worker or manager happens to notice that cards are being put into their books, won't they have a problem with it? I know it would be wise to put only a few cards per store, but what else can you do to minimize the risk?

      Thanks again,
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    Test some nurses tape it is clear and should not stick to the pages.
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    I know of two options.. business card stickers... or a QR code that points to your business card website. True... most likely can't be removed but at least they will always be there. I think there might be removable stickers/labels these days but I can't remember where to print them.

    I know a lot of older books include a sales page at the end of their book.. maybe you could try that as well.

    And I have placed business cards into books at book stores.. got kicked out in 2 seconds flat.. You can however hand then out in the coffee shops directly. Almost like those guys that hand out kind packages to tables with a price tag on them.. if they don't buy they come back and take the bag back.

    Good luck with your book!

    keep moving forward

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