Email vs. SMS in list building

by umc
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For those of you with experience in list building for offline businesses (restaurants, retail stores, personal services, etc.), which method of list building seems to generate the most responsive lists? I have an email list for my cleaning business and do well with that. However, I have friends in the restaurant business that are interested in me helping them with their marketing, and I think that list building is a great way to start. We can offer things like free dessert or appetizers in exchange for an opt in, but are debating whether to gather cell numbers or emails. What has worked better for you?
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    Why not gather both? Let the customer decide how they want to be contacted. Worst thing that happens is you get the same customer on both lists, and they have two reasons to come in.
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      Thanks nester. Maybe that would be best. I was thinking about choosing one or the other to keep it simple, as sometimes more than one option confuses the minds of some people, but you have a good point. It wouldn't really be more difficult, and would let people make the choice. I've spoken with people about SMS marketing and they often have a really negative response, viewing all such texts as spam because they don't understand and won't listen. Those people may not have an issue with emails.

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        Why not set up a coupon or reward type site where in exchange for their email they get access to daily deals for restaurants in their area.

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    i think sms the best responsive, cause more engaged
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    I think SMS is better than email.
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    Based on the numbers I've seen, sms is definitely the most responsive and quickest way to get more "urgent" messages read, but email is still hugely effective and relatively inexpensive, so I agree with those that say offer both to meet your customers where they are.

    At the best, you have two marketing messages to send out on a regular basis and you get more clients than you can the worst, you've done a nice test to figure out what works best for your clients (and each client may have customers that respond differently to each method) and if one kills the other by a huge margin, keep that going and retire the other method.
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    Personally email is the best way for my product marketing.
    Actually it depends on product type.
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