My 90-DAY EXPERIMENT with Finding Clients Through Only EMAIL MARKETING

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I've decided to open this thread like a diary where I will share my experience with finding clients for my offline marketing business through only email marketing.

I know here many offline marketers prefer email marketing than cold calling, though the first method might take long time to get real results. So I really decided to implement special strategies I learned from various WSOs written by offline marketing gurus & see what results I can get.

Let me note that I'm totally new to offline marketing. So I really wonder after how many emails I sent, I can get my first client ready to pay certain one-time and/or monthly fee.

After this experiment, I will create a WSO, sharing all my tips on how to succeed in offline marketing.

Until the end of December, I will focus only on selling mobile site creation & sms marketing services. However, once I build a database of clients, I will be able to upsell them my other services starting from local seo to social media marketing.

I will share what I've done on a daily basis.

So follow this thread & wish me success

I really need your support!

I would be happy if you share your success story regarding finding offline marketing clients through email marketing alone.

Thank you for your attention!

P. S. I believe this thread will become more & more interesting & valuable for all of us.
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