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Really looking for people with strong hotel connections or decision maker contacts. Also for people with several business decision maker contacts. We would start off by city, and then by region. For example, we need strong hotel contacts in Memphis, St.Louis, and Little Rock immediately. More cities added monthly. We already have contracts in 15 states with hotels. But we got those by going door to door and industry trade shows. We need a much faster method. Thanks for your time and the forum! Look forward to replies.
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    Can you back up a little and let us know what you are selling?
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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      Have hotels as clients here in New Zealand,
      if that is of any use.

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    I have one of My Friend Working In Hilton,Can You Tell me more about it.

    Also We can talk on Skype: nishant.sinha16

    Served Over 100 customers and there needs with Web and Mobile Apps Development, if you are looking for one please connect with me with good turnaround.
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      Sorry guys, and thanks for the replies. New Zealand is very possible in the future, we already have a guy wanting to get started down there. We sell businesses ads to be seen in hotels and high travel areas. Old concept by a long shot, been done for years in directories and such, but we made it mobile without an app. So it has been a huge success so far. Just need to reach critical mass in a faster way. Right now I just drive to the cities, walk in the hotels and sign em up. There has to be a better way. :-)
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        Originally Posted by sociallid View Post

        but we made it mobile without an app.
        Meaning, you install some type of illuminated screen at those hotels? QR codes? I've seen LCD advertising displays. They look cool.

        Are you asking your current hotels for referrals? They usually know each other pretty well. If you have 15 hotels now, create a video with their testimonials, showcase your product and start calling more hotels. Send them a video. It will speed things up.

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          SirThomas thanks for the reply. We are in 300 hotels in 15 states. A lot has come from referrals. We have done that since March. We had an investor meeting yesterday and decided to concentrate solely on 5 cities a month. We have come up with a plan of action and hope to triple our number of signed hotels by the end of january. Thanks for everyone's input!
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