An example why a strategist will slaughter a tactitician

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This example will bring home the point I'm wanting to make.

2 pro ad writers decided to go into the fake diamond business.

Same big city and advertise about the same time.

One ad writer had a slight advantage in that he was a slightly
better ad writer.

Both spent the same money running their ads.

Initial sales showed the better ad writer brought in more sales
and just made a little profit.

The not so good ad writer lost a little bit of money.

Both ran the ads again and same outcome.

The guy who made a little profit quit.

The other guy persevered and started to make a profit on
a new offer to buyers.

Then he again offered a higher priced offer to these.

Then he went and offered a higher priced one to these few.

More money.

Now he he has a thriving business because he
understood the work of a strategist.

The copywriting pro was and stayed a technician and did tactical things.
Couldn't make $100's of thousands in the same circumstances.

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    I think we all endeavor to be more of a strategist, but most of us arent there yet. A strategist will plant things months in advance and create a market "situation" through advance positioning... A tactician uses tactics to deal with whatever is in front of him at the moment without alot of advanced seed planting and positioning, as I see it today.

    A strategist can overtake an entire market by long calculated positioning, not just have a hit here and there based on weather conditions, a strategist will CREATE the weather conditions, through forethought, and by considering a broader fact; change the entire climate in doing so.

    Get your tail whipped by a strategist enough, and eventually it will "make" you one, if you are a quick study.

    The difference is the difference between the tortoise and the hair.

    My advice?

    Learn to be a strategist if you arent one. We live and learn.

    Edit: Tactics are a sub category of planning. Strategy is the meat and potatoes. Tactics are used WITHIN strategies.

    Tactics are narrower than strategies, and a tool to be used within them.

    Good distinction Ewen. They arent the same. Most mistake tactics for strategies.

    For our purposes its the difference between immediate gratification and a lifetime of success.

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      Originally Posted by John Durham View Post

      Good distinction Ewen. They arent the same. Most mistake tactics for strategies.

      For our purposes its the difference between immediate gratification and a lifetime of success.

      Actually you can get fast gratification and
      avoid costly mistakes with strategy.

      An example is when a client comes to me to critique his/her ad.

      The ad is very good, if it were to another market.

      Newer people to offline marketing who come to it from this forum,
      and have no real business experience other than working for the MAN.

      They see long form sales letters selling things in the WSO section, Clickbank.

      They are all below hundred bucks
      and use triggers for the consumer mind.

      Nothing wrong for the marketer using them for these people because it works.

      But these newbies and not so newbies will get very poor results selling high priced complex sales to savy business owners who have been in and survived for many years.

      Back on point, If I intervene with my broader knowledge base,
      then I can turn things around in most cases.

      A strategic view point could also see that a mailer may not work as well as getting a meeting with a decision maker for a big opportunity.

      It could be make cold calls first to test out hot buttons and appeals before you run ads or direct mailers.

      In effect it's optimizing your time and resources that are available.

      Or as a bright spark said the tactic is the ladder,
      the strategy is knowing which building to put it against.

      Another metaphor is the builder knows which tool to use out of his vast array of tools.

      The tactic is the tool, the strategy is the knowing which tool to use.

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    @ Ewen

    Yeah that too.
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