Cold calling when you have multiple names?

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When cold calling, my first tactic to find the right person is to ask the operator/receptionist. I'll usually get transferred to the marketing department, but sometimes the person routing the calls doesn't know or cannot transfer without a real name. I hit LinkedIn and Jigsaw or databases to find names, but sometimes companies have a dozen or more people listed, some of which are probably no longer working there. What's the best way to identify the person I need to speak to? Call all the people in the marketing department until I get a live person on the line and ask them?

I'm prospecting outside my local area, so in person networking or dropping in for a quick meeting isn't an option.
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    Don't be afraid to talk with the president, owner, ceo, etc., the higher you start on the totem pole the easier it sometimes is to get the cooperation of the peons. Example: You call and actually get through to John Smith CEO, you give him your quick spiel, he then tells you, you should be talking with Bob Jones VP of Marketing. You thank him and then call Bob Jones, now when he or his assistant answer the phone you can tell them you just talked with John Smith CEO and he told you to call Bob Jones, you'd like to set an appointment as soon as possible, about xyz services. Of course Bob Jones is going to schedule the appointment because John Smith CEO told you to call.

    It's funny, the higher the position, usually, the easier it is to talk with them and they are generally polite enough to listen to what you have to say when you call. It usually the middle managers who have a high opinion of themselves, and are a bit more difficult to talk or meet with. My personal philosophy is to start at the top and work my way down.

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    There are so many sites nowadays that have contact info for people within a certain area, company, or even businesses, that would be an easy way around. Other thing you can try is through social media, facebook will also do, just give it a try.
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    Definitely agree with digi - you want to start high, that way it will be faster. You know if its a go or not right away
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      Every company in the US is registered in some State. If you know the State, you can look them up.

      Google the state + certificate of good standing or state + corporate look up
      Here's the site for Illinois: CORP/LLC - CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING
      Here's the one for Florida: - Inquire by Name

      This one's a site that has links to all states:
      just scroll down to find corporation in another state.

      You get the owner or the president (often that's the same person).

      Also, check with If Manta and the State site have the same name for the president.
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