Can I charge $500+ for this?

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Hello Offline Community,
I can find offline clients the normal way like most people do...that is
on CL, GP, YP, SP, BBB, Manta, FB, LinkedIn etc...
After that try calling a few 10's per day like 30-50 before there is a hit...BAM (appointment/sale)

What I am getting at is, recently a thought occurred to me
"Why not help businesses with FB Ad Campaigns just like we provide Google Adwords Campaigns for businesses"

However, some research taught me that FB ads aren't as better as Google ads with respect to the targeted audience and conversions...But that in itself led me to understand that there should be some businesses already who have tried using FB advertising (apart from fanpages, businesses having fanpages also are a good target)...So, targeting these businesses should be a pretty good idea and since they already understand the importance of FB...

So what I am looking to find is
How do we know or find out which businesses have used or have tried using FB Ads??

Please excuse me for any mistakes....
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    I know of marketers selling various forms of Facebook
    marketing to brick and mortar businesses.

    Often it's not the ads (although those Facebook ads
    can be really powerful).

    Often it's using facebook in various ways to drive
    customers into the door...bars, nightclubs, movie theaters,
    and sporting associations are obvious examples.

    On the topic of Facebook ads I have heard from several
    members at that they find Facebook ads
    are MUCH better value than google ads because you can
    get so highly targeted on who you put in front of those

    It varies a lot who might pay for the service depending on
    what area you're in etc.

    But an obvious way to find clients would be to check the
    industries paying a lot of money per click...
    The 20 Most Expensive PPC Segments on Google
    and then help them with using Facebook ads to get

    With facebook you can target things like geographic location
    age, income etc etc so you can be sure the ads are getting
    in front of highly targeted prospects (with google ads that's
    not always the case because you're not targeting people,
    you're targeting search terms.)

    Hope this is helpful.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      Thank you Andrew, that was helpful...the link had some good info on high paying keywords

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    In my opinion what you can do is that you can provide businesses facebook page management services which would include daily posts, engagement with fans, reputation management etc. In that service you can ask your clients for Facebook Ads instead of providing a guarantee of certain amount of fans every month. This is a good strategy because then you can target the audience according to your client's business.

    For all these services you can easily make $1,000 per month and on top of that you can ask for 15-20% of agency fees (which normally all companies do) for ad campaign.

    These days most of the businesses want to increase their presence on social media and if you can give them that service you can make a lot of money.
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    On the question of can you charge $500+, I think the main thing is you want them to get a return, so you can get future (or better yet, ongoing monthly) sales from a happy client, and referrals as well. Maybe you should start lower until you know just what kind of a return they get.
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    I have been running FB ad campaigns for all of my local clients almost all the time being we can demographically target and geographically.
    What I found works best with FB ad.s is setting up a phone number on the squeeze page for them to call and us to track so I get paid for the lead.

    When dealing with lead gen for local businesses on FB they prefer to call oppose to clicking. But FB ad approval team or should I say disapproval team is the worst but a lot more lenient when working with local businesses.

    You can charge any amount that someone is willing to pay!
    That is the determining factor.
    A Simple Formula For Online Success
    This is what's putting money in my pocket Right Now!

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      Originally Posted by tac88 View Post

      You can charge any amount that someone is willing to pay!
      That is the determining factor.
      You can indeed, but letting it be the "determining factor" is a horrible idea; if that is your only criteria, your business is in trouble, and rightly so. If you can't generate a positive return, your service is simply hurting people rather than helping.

      The main criteria should always be "can I generate a return that is at least 2x what they pay, and in a short enough time to avoid cancellations and negative reviews due to buyer's remorse".

      Obviously, even if you can generate a return, you can't charge someone more than they are willing to pay, so that criteria must be met as well, but the first concern, and therefore primary "determining factor" should always be what is the highest you can charge while generating a healthy profit for the client; if not, they're better off without you.
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