Website Design Pitch - What elements do you look for?

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Hey Everyone,

Our business does not currently offer web design as a service because we were avoiding dealing with the potential headaches that web design clients can bring, however now that we are up to par on automating our other services we're looking to introduce it.

So my question is- how do you approach a business in your local area via email/cold phone to sell them on web design even if they "may" not exactly need it?

I'm looking for elements that you try to point out to them, and things of that nature.

Mobile sites and other services seem to be blantant as to the reason for hiring us, but I have a feeling convincing on web design will be lower unless it's a non functioning site or something from the 1990's. Would love your thoughts!
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    Websites are essential part of any business these days. Every business is looking to have a website as it is a trend these days. Websites are made to reflect one's business so it is very important.

    So as far as pitch is concerned what you can do is before contacting any business via email, cold calling or cold walk-ins you should do some research. If they already have a website try your own expertise or hire a web designer to find problems in their website. Some websites which are purely based on flash you can tell them it is not good for SEO. Some websites are not attractive so you can tell them that a website should be that good that it can convert a visitor into customer immediately.

    Then what you can do is you can get a template designed for a business and give them the option of take it or leave it. If they like your work they might buy that website from you or they might hire you to make a website because it will make them feel that you know how good a website should be.

    So in my opinion social media marketing is hard to sell these days in comparison to websites as businesses need good websites to have credibility, to expand and to have higher sales. Because these days when you want to know about a business what you do you search on google and other search engines to see if they have a website.
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    Choose a vertical market to cold call, look to see if they have a website. If they have a website, does it need updating? If it does call them and discuss their need for a website redesign which will bring them more business and revenue.

    There are many great posts about phone scripts, cold emails, direct mail, classified ad samples, and social media tactics, to use for client acquisition. Just take a few hours and use the 'Search' feature here on the WF. You'll be able to put together a solid plan to get clients and make money.

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    Are you planning to target businesses of whom have outdated websites?
    Are you planning to target businesses of whom have yet to create a website?
    Are you planning to target both?


    This will determine which approaches are best. I'll offer you a little tip here if you're going to go after business owners with pre-existing, outdated websites:

    Don't be afraid to be brutal with them. Tell them that their website sucks. If they think everything's fine and dandy they won't spend any money. Let's say you're calling a plumber, and his website is outdated;

    "Hi there, (name). This is ____ calling from XXX. I work with plumbers like yourself to generate leads and bring in new customers. I was browsing around on your website and I couldn't help but notice how outdated it looks. Were you thinking about getting it revamped anytime soon?"

    If they say yes, continue on with pitching your service.

    If they say no, give em' something like this: "Really? (name), I looked around on Google and to be completely honest with you, your company has the worst website out of every other plumber I've looked at today. Is that really an accurate representation of your business?"

    The goal here is to get them talking. If you can engage in a back-and-forth conversation it'll be much easier to tell them more and reel them in.

    If they're still not interested in a revamp, qualify them out and move on to the next one promptly. You're going to see a lot more rejection than you will leads, and that's fine. Just move on quickly and you'll get your sales.

    Best of luck,
    "Be the hero of your own movie."
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