BrightLocal vs. Places Scout For Local SEO?

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Which software do you prefer to provide reports for offline clients?

What's your experience with them?

Can't decide between the two...


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    No experience with BrightLocal but I love Places Scout. Mark is probably the most responsive developer I have ever dealt with.

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  • I was very disappointed with Bright Local's pricing model change. I'll be giving Places Scout all my business from now on. Bright Local is delivering too little for the prices they're asking.
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    I was looking exactly for this type of service to add to my arsenal. Thanks for posting.
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    • I use both and like both for different reasons. Each has it's strength.

      I agree "Mark is probably the most responsive developer I have ever dealt with"
      and I work closely with him making recommendations for new features or alerting him when Google changes could affect sw performance. But I also work with Myles and think he's great and very responsive as well.

      So if I had to pick one or the other I'd be hard pressed. They are tied in my book and each one has features/strengths the other does not have.

      Sorry that didn't help much, but honestly don't think you could go wrong with either one.

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