We are our own worst enemy. + My Father VS Me. + Some Money Making Ideas.

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Two and a half ******* years have I been at it.

I found myself here in 2010 after my father hit it big with SEO and disappeared into the USVI. At the time I was still getting stupid tattoos and thinking that rockstar was a career path, rather than a fantasy. Nonetheless; I guess that a small part of me predicted my failure in the music industry... Why else would I have taken interest in SEO and coming here to WF? After all, my anticipated rockstar career was going to make me much more money than SEO ever could.

That small part of me was the entrepreneurial gene that I got from my father.

All I remember him doing throughout my childhood was being on the computer. From what I understood at the time, he played video games about 20% of the time and did who-knows-what for the remaining 80%. Now I realize that he was doing what I do now. He was trying to make a buck.

Fortunately for him, at the ripe, young age of 40 his work paid off. He moved out of a 50 year old, single-wide trailer home that my great-grandparents died in, in a small Texas town of 3,000 people... into a large semi-mansion on a mountain in the US Virgin Islands. Standing by his pool he could look down hundreds of feet into the ocean. Before this, during my childhood, I remember him working at gas stations and factories for shit wages and at shitty hours. I remember living without electricity every couple of months and having to boil water for baths on the gas stove. I remember not being able to afford $2 for lunch every day at school.

Fortunately for me, I made it to where I am now. (Alive, at least.)

So now we've covered my father's success. (And I would like to add, I read several threads that tell people that if they want to make money then GET OFF THE WARRIOR FORUM AND TAKE ACTION. My father spent less than twenty posts on this forum and made millions. Prime example of a do-er.) I don't even know where to begin with my own success. Namely because it hasn't happened yet.

Two and a half years have I spent on this forum. Sure, I wasn't always active in discussion, but I was here. I have planted seeds in SEO, direct mail marketing, email marketing, twitter marketing, fiverr and more. All of which I was inspired to right here at WF. But I haven't made a damn dollar. Why is that?

It's because I haven't taken action.

My first endeavor in internet marketing was SEO (following my father and hoping to achieve his glory) for my own site in the uk, attempting to rank for terms relative to "Stretch Marks" and affiliating my website with Market Health. It was a failure, though.

Why was it a failure? Actually, I took action on this endeavor. But I didn't take enough action. I started performing SEO on this site (bettermefree.co.uk) with the vague knowledge that I had and after a month or two I quit. I think I got up to page three or so, but I quit. The going got tough and I bailed.

I didn't bail on SEO. I stayed with it for another year+ on other attempts (each one being very brief) before I actually landed a real job in SEO. This was and still is the highlight of my life, in terms of success. I managed to land a good paying job doing something that no-one really knows how to do. It's a guessing game! Algorithms aren't revealed. I had no ****in' idea what I was doing at this drug rehab as the marketing director. All I knew was that SEO had to be the best way to attract business for us. So I busted out the software I had invested in for my SEO ventures and I ran them to the max, nine hours a day, Monday through Friday. Our rooms filled up, my pay went up (almost trippled. At which point I even partitioned out parts of my own income to hire freelance SEOs), and I had not a worry in the world.

Do know, I only held this job for nine months. One day I walked in and was asked to walk out. The details here are irrelevant.

In the time that I had this job I tried to start my own brick-and-mortar marketing business. I would spend countless hours a day thinking of the services I could offer, how I could beat competitors and how much dough I could make. (Note: Contemplation is not action. It's anticipation.) I designed my business logo at least twenty times, as well as my website. (By that I mean I chose free WP themes and edited their coloring and such to make them fit myimaginary business.) But when it came down to action... Cold calling, walking in cold, etc... I couldn't do it. It was too much fun to crunch numbers and imagine how good my logo could look and too daunting to have to face a business owner. I even printed up professional pamphlets outlining my services with the intent to give them to the business owners I spoke to... But I never spoke to any business owners. I never took action.

That's why I've been here two and a half years and have yet to make a dollar as an entrepreneur. You know what you have to do. Take action. If you do not, you won't make a damn thing. If you do take action, in all honesty, you may still not make a fortune, but you will make more than you do if you spend your days calculating your potential income and reading WSO after WSO (that cost you money) about making money in different ways.

You could start a WSO promoting a 5 page e-book about how to use ShareCash to make $20 a day by offering a download for places to drop backlinks.

You could go to your local Goodwill store and buy a $120 pair of pants for $8 and list them on eBay for $69. (I recently found a new pair of jeans (with tags) for 8$. I looked them up online and they sold for $119.99 new. I also found a pair of Gucci shoes (retail: $689.99) for $39.99, and a Wilson leather jacket from 1986 for $7.99 that could easily sell for $100. <<My favorite jacket for 8 months straight, now.)

You could take porn pictures from all over the net and post them on user-submitted porn sites like MOTHERLESS with your logo/URL for your porn site on the bottom right corner. "For more photos go to iJERK.cum" or on a video "For the full video go to urVAG.org". Then make money the traditional way... making your images link 50% of the time to the gallery that the image is from, and 50% to an affiliate porn site with fine ass 18 year olds tempting us to pay that $1 for a one day trial and auto-billing us after that.

You could write a simple little e-book on how to do something simple like making furniture out of palettes (which can be acquired for free from most any retail store that receives inventory on palettes and craft tutorials can be found all over Pinterest) and sell it on Clickbank. Then you'll have thousands upon thousands of people to sell your item for you, and all you did was copy tutorials into your own words, most possibly with their pictures and pay the base price that it costs to list something on Clickbank. (I think $50?)

I know, I know. It's never as easy done than said. But it's possible, and profit will happen if you JUST DO IT.

As for me? I've got something brewing. Something that I'm taking action on. Something that I've spent 50 hours out of the last three days working on. Something I am dedicated to, because I actually find passion and enjoyment in it.

But it's irrelevant. This thread is for you. My story is to deter you from deterring yourself. My father's story is to motivate you into motivating yourself.

Do it and you will achieve it.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. Good to know that you are taking action after a long gap.
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    Hi Larches, I've watched you as you've been on and off the forum during this time. You've worked on a number of ideas. Thanks for your message of not giving up.
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    Everything is relevant to confidence, I find. This is my own observation based on myself and general assumptions about others, but I, personally, think it's accurate.

    If I were confident enough, the sale wouldn't be a fantasy or a myth. If I were confident enough, I would walk in and take the sale by force. As I believe anyone would.

    Alas, lacking confidence leads you to only imagine the sale as a myth, rather than a possible reality. You may gain enough strength to one day voyage out and try to find and attain this fabled sale, but in your lack of confidence you will find yourself relying on your wit and brainpower. You'll rely on your fancy marketing lingo and statistics, that may actually mean nothing to the recipient, to close the deal.

    It's undeniable that even the most feeble minded of men can walk into an establishment with full confidence and close a deal 99% of the time over that of a a scared, timid and unsure man.

    You try to try, but you fail. So you keep trying to try, until one day you can say that you've tried. Then you try to do, until you've done. Then you do... until you are done... or, dead.

    <!--You try to motivate yourself to try to move in and make a deal, but it's not easy to actually hit the pavement, rather than just thinking about it. This is trying to try.-->

    /*Finally, you hit the pavement and you try, but you're not quite there yet. You're still timid, as it is all new to you. But, alas, one day the sale comes. Now you've done.*/

    Lastly... you do as you've done. You grow in a multitude of ways and learn new things about your new found ability to market your marketing. Confidence, now attained, stays, (unless, of course, your pants fall down in front of a potential client... Then you may need to rebuild that confidence) until you're finished with it or you're finished with.
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