whats going on here in the Offline section?

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I haven't really been around too much, now i see all these threads about sales.
Its like a whole different forum.

I think its pretty great. I really like the fact people are actually helping
and its not the same 5 people its been for the last year.
( even if some of the help is a bit sketchy )

Rock on people.
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    A lot of threads seem to be about cold calling... Which I suppose is a good thing as people are trying to take action and close deals???
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    After stepping away from WF for awhile, I have begun showing up here in the offline section for a few weeks lurking haha. The conversations I've read here has been great, however, as Ken Michaels stated some information is "sketchy".

    Basically bits and pieces of what I've compiled from here alongside a little thinking outside the box on my own, I'm piecing together a business plan I believe is pretty solid.

    Hope to contribute to this section of the forum as I gain more experience!

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