Thoughts on take-out orders online

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Hi there,

I wanted your thoughts on restaurant take-out orders taken online...
Is it really the way of the future?

I personnally prefer to call to speak to them, get an accurate estimate for delivery, etc. i might be the only one - who knows :confused:

Your thoughts?
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    Sometimes I order from PizzaHut on their site.

    Seems like when I order on the site, the food is actually done & ready to pick up faster than it is when I call it in.

    Also guarantees that the order is right, since there is no risk of the person taking your order hearing something wrong.

    For example, last time I ordered via phone, they gave me a pepperoni-lovers pizza, when I only wanted pepperoni.

    It wouldn't have been a big deal, but they just pile so much on for the pepperoni-lovers pizza that you literally end up with stacks of uncooked pepperonis all over.. lol
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    Whenever I order pizza I order it online, unless I'm not near a computer. I like it better because it gives me all of the specials & deals if there's no flyer handy. It's great for the company in terms of upselling, etc. too.

    It's one thing for the order-taker on the phone to ask if you want to add bread sticks to your order, but it's completely different when you get a pop-up asking the same thing with a mouth-watering visual.
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    I love ordering food for delivery online!

    I wish that all places would incorporate the 'Progress or Status bar (Your order was received, it is being made, it is out for delivery type of messages).

    Without that, I'm left wondering if I'm even going to get my order.

    I could call to make sure but I think that may defeat the convenience factor, or upset a certain kind of worker(lazy,busy, whatever).

    AND, we all know that you don't want to twitch any nerves of the people handling our food!
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    I love ordering Papa Johns Pizza online. The pizza building animation is fun and the kids like helping build the pizza. Plus its nice to see all the specials, and I can usually find a promo code online for extra savings. I also like how it tracks everything and every no and then we get something free with our points. I would order online from a restaurant for sure.
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    There's going to be a lot of innovation in this space. It's a long way off, but you will be able to go to a site and enter exactly what you want, in the language you want, and have it be interpreted properly by an alogorithm and rendered to the POS. We started on this at Grubraise before running out of money!
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